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How To: Slicked Back Hair

Jul 22, 2022 | By Denise V.

How To: Slicked Back Hair

What's the deal with slicked-back hair? Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Kristen Stewart, and Jennifer Lawrence have already modeled this hairstyle - looking all sophisticated and gorgeous. They scream ~confidence ~ and they all look ready to flaunt themselves on the runway. However, this hairstyle may look scary to some individuals -worried it might not suit their face shape or hair type - but fear not, because we’ll be giving you several tips and tricks to achieve that sleek and sophisticated look.

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If you plan on styling your hair all week, prepping your hair is essential before you do any hairstyle. Maintaining your hair's hydration and moisturizer can be achieved with hair masks. Apply nourishing hair oils to moisturize your hair further, we do recommend that you use natural hair oils. Try to use argan, castor, coconut, almond, grapeseed, or jojoba oil and put a sufficient amount in your palm, and spread it to every strand of your hair. Or better yet, we recommend you do a Keratin treatment at home first to achieve a manageable hair.


Photo from Pinterest

Ah yes, the signature slicked-back ponytail everyone wants to perfect. This hairstyle doesn’t need much effort, plus this hairstyle is highly recommended if you want to keep your hair off your shoulders but still look sophisticated as one can be.

STEP ONE: Apply heat protectant to your hair since we’ll be using a flat iron or a hair straightener in this hairstyle.

STEP TWO: Part your hair in the middle and apply hair gel or hair spray starting from your hairline up to your hair crown, then spread it evenly by using a finely toothed comb.

STEP THREE: Style your hair into a high ponytail, leave a bit of hair untied, then tie it up with a hair tie.

STEP FOUR: Use the untied hair to hide the hair tie and use bobby pins to hold it in place.

STEP FIVE: Lastly, apply a final layer of hairspray and you’re done!


Photo from Pinterest

Slick-back hair, here it is. You’ll be able to emulate that red-carpet look with this one! You can try to not go all in and try adding more volume at the top part for a softer aura, and try to flatten your hair at the back to make it look edgy and intense.

STEP ONE: Apply a heat protectant to your hair to prevent your hair from being damaged by excessive heat.

STEP TWO: To add volume to your hair, use a finely toothed comb to tease your hair back and forth in some parts under your hairline all the way to your crown.

STEP THREE: Your hair will look messy after teasing it but everything will be fine once you comb the sides and try not to lessen the volume you created at the top of your head.

STEP FOUR: Put bobby pins to hold your hair in place once you’re already satisfied with your look.

STEP FIVE: Apply a sufficient amount of hair gel to your hair, then apply a final layer of hairspray, and voila! You look absolutely fabulous!

Make this look your own by experimenting with numerous haircuts and seeing which slicked-back hairstyle suits you the best. Additionally, we recommend that you use natural products to keep your hair healthy. You can wear this look to fancy events like award ceremonies or formal gatherings. Get ready to shine!