About Us

About Us

Mayraki Professional, a haircare company founded by a group of hair professionals, herbalists, and chemists whose primary aim and purpose is to provide excellent solutions for the endless hair and scalp problems experienced by many.

Mayraki Professional focuses on developing products that solve hair and scalp problems and improves its condition without breaking the bank and won’t hurt the environment.

The name Mayraki was hewn from the Greek word “Meraki,” which means “to leave a piece of yourself in your work.”

We have dedicated years of scientific research on how to combine the latest haircare technology and the purest quality organic ingredients to provide the effective and highest quality of hair care products for our customers to address their problems.

Why should you switch to our Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, and Silicone-free hair products?

1.       Parabens can lead to scalp irritation and exacerbate some skin conditions. With our paraben-free products, you get to gently clean your hair without irritating the skin.

2.      While Sulfate can get rid of dirt and oil, Sulfate is one of the causes of hair loss and thinning hair. It has properties that destroys hair follicles and inhibits hair growth. But our products beg to differ! We’ve combined natural alternatives that cleans the hair and promotes hair growth while keeping its natural oils.

3.      Silicone creates a synthetic shine on your hair can be pretty tricky to wash out, thus, forming a layer of shaft in the hair and preventing moisture from penetrating. When this happens, this can lead to dryness and brittleness of the hair, and also an itchy and dry scalp. Meanwhile, we’ve developed silicone-free hair products that instantly creates shiny hair without the heavy and dull feeling.

All of our hair products are:

  •   Produced with natural ingredients and latest hair care science and technology
  •   Proven to produce visible results in quick turnaround
  •   Constantly improved to include the latest findings in hair, scalp care and remain the newest in the market
  •   Environmentally sustainable and cost-saving by reducing the use of hair extensions and wigs by promoting the use of natural hair.




Mayraki hair remedies are focused on solving common hair problems like

  •  Damaged/frizzy hair
  •  Split ends
  •  Gray/white hair
  •  Hair loss
  •  Itchy scalp 
  •  Dandruff







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