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What to Put In Your Black Hair Care Gift Set

Apr 23, 2021 | By Maria Eliza Pineda

What to Put In Your Black Hair Care Gift Set

Want to know what items to put in your black hair care gift set? Check out Mayraki Professional’s top recommended products for black natural hair.

There are several types of hair going from fairly straight to very curly. For black hair or natural hair, it normally goes from the curlier side of things and ranges from type 3A to 4C curls. Because of the natural makeup and structure of curly hair, it tends to be a lot drier in texture than wavy or straight hair. The curlier your hair is, the more dry it is naturally.

This is why black hair care should be different for those with naturally straight or wavy hair. Products that you can use for those types of hair are not enough to care for curls. Curly hair needs way more moisture and unlike straight or wavy hair, it can never get too oily or greasy. The more hydration, the better! It’ll keep the frizz away and make the curls beautifully defined and soft.

Mayraki Professional have curated a list of products absolutely perfect for a black hair care gift set that will optimize the hair care routine for naturally curly hair.

Sulfate-Free Purifying Shampoo

Black hair does not need to be washed as often as other hair types. A curlier texture is going to be very dry and way less prone to sebum buildup. However, when the hair does need to be washed, it should be with a very good sulfate-free shampoo that will purify the scalp and roots.

Because curly hair is dry, it’s essential that a sulfate-free shampoo is used so it doesn’t dry out even more and cause damage. Sulfates strip the hair of its natural moisture which is already a big no-no even for straight or wavy hair but especially for curly hair. Curly hair needs to be intensely hydrated with lots of nourishing ingredients and cleansed with a gentle sulfate-free formula that still clears away buildup.

The Mayraki Purifying, Anti-Dandruff & Volumizing Amino Acid Shampoo is the perfect product for this job. If you tend to use a lot of oils and moisturizing styling products to make your hair look good, then you will need something that will cleanse all that away but still be very nourishing for the hair. This shampoo is formulated with 15 amino acids that strengthen and hydrate the hair while purifying the scalp and roots of all the sebum and product buildup.

Hair Oil

Hair oil is extremely important when it comes to black hair care. Oils are a good hydration treatment that will really put life and shine back into the locks as well as make it strong and healthy. Doing a hair oiling session before you wash is a great way to prevent drying out the strands from shampoo.

The Mayraki Concentre Repairation & Weightless Essential Oil Nutritive Treatment is an intense oil treatment that’s perfect for black hair. It’s very concentrated, so it will really moisturize the hair, make it stronger and flexible, and give it that great shine.

Hair Repair Treatment

Because black hair tends to be drier, it’s more prone to damage and dehydration. Regularly doing a hair repairing treatment is absolutely essential and will change a curly person’s life. Some people often overlook this step because it seems complicated and something that should be done at a salon. However, Mayraki Professional have created a nice solution for this.

The Mayraki Silky Smooth Proactive Hair Repairing Treatment is a treatment that can be done right at home. It’s packed with hair repairing and nourishing ingredients that heal the hair from damage and make sure that it’s stronger and healthier from the inside out.

Keratin Treatment

Natural hair is has a thinner layer of cuticle than wavy or straight hair. This makes the hair naturally a lot weaker and more prone to breakage. Curly hair also is not very good at keeping in moisture which makes it difficult to keep it hydrated and nourished. A good way to combat these issues is getting a keratin treatment or commonly known as “Brazilian blowout” which are usually done at salons. But again, Mayraki Professional have created a solution that makes it so that there are no harsh chemicals and a keratin treatment can be done in the comfort of home.

The Mayraki Organic Hydrolyzed Keratin Instant Smoother System is the very first all-natural, formaldehyde-free keratin treatment that can be done safely at home. Formulated so that there are no harsh chemicals that damage the hair and health, this is perfect for those with curly hair. It reduces frizz and coats the hair with a protective layer of keratin that makes the strands stronger and keeps in moisture. Note: put hyperlink to keratin treatment for curly hair article

Detangling Brush

Detangling is an essential part of taking care of curly hair. Because of its natural texture, curly hair is a lot more prone to tangling and matting so it’s important to detangle curly hair after each wash. Detangling is a precarious and tedious task, but there are ways to make it easier. Brushing from the ends up and using a good detangling brush is key.

Detangling brushes should be firm but still very flexible so that hair does not break while brushing it. The Mayraki Wooden Paddle Brush is the perfect tool for this task. The bristles are firm enough to detangle knots but still flexible enough not to pull on the hair and cause breakage while detangling.

Microfiber Hair Wrap

Frizz is a big no-no for curly hair! That means no brushing it while it’s dry and no friction. Curly hair should never be dried with a terry cloth towel because it causes major friction and in turn, an incredible amount of frizz. Not to mention, the friction can also cause brittleness and damage to the strands.

Use a microfiber material to gently blot the hair dry so as to not cause any friction. The Mayraki Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap is not only perfect for drying the hair safely, but it’s also amazing for plopping. Plopping hair in this hair wrap is going to make the curls clump and define its pattern beautifully.

All Hair Is Beautiful Hair

Hair comes in all shapes and sizes and it’s important to know what kind of hair care a hair type needs. Black hair happens to need a lot of moisture and extra love and care so that those gorgeous curls are shown off properly. Gift this black hair care gift set to a curly-haired loved one or simply give it as a gift to yourself!