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Tips on How to Maintain Color-Treated Hair

Sep 14, 2021

Tips on How to Maintain Color-Treated Hair

Finally! You’ve committed to a new hair color!

Whatever the occasion is, we make sure to always look our best – and that includes trying out different hair colors and haircuts. With proper hair care, your hair color can last a long time. The question is, how do you maintain your color-treated hair?

If you’ve gone risky and full-blown bold colors like fiery red, vibrant orange, pink, from natural blonde to blonde, then you must know that an added little extra attention is a must to keep your hair strong, healthy, and vibrant.

Curious about how to effectively maintain your color-treated hair without being too much of a hassle? Read this article to know how.

Wait for 72 hours before showering

Don’t let your hard-earned cash for your new hair color go to drain because you washed earlier as recommended. It usually takes up to three days before the color pigment soak into the hair cuticle – thus the long waiting time before you wash it. Experts suggest you also use clarifying shampoos before coloring your hair.

Use sulfate-free shampoo

Ask any hair stylist and they will suggest you use a sulfate and paraben-free shampoo after three days. These types of shampoo helps your hair retains its natural oils and moisture. Usually, sulfate-free shampoos protect your hair against damaging free radicals and UV damage. With continuous use, you’ll notice a huge difference compare to when you’re using your usual hair brand.

Replace regular conditioner with a hair mask

The upkeep for your colored hair might be time-consuming, but your colored hair is vulnerable to brittleness and damage, so it’s a full-on commitment from there. We recommend you use your trusted hair mask to moisturize each strand without weighing it down. Another benefit you can get from a hair mask is that it can do wonders for the texture and strength of your hair.

Cover your hair when going out

Summer or not, when your hair is exposed to high or low temperature for a long time, your hair tends to get dry and brittle. To prevent this from happening, try covering your hair with a hat, cap, scarf, or basically just bringing an umbrella when you go out.

When swimming, cover your hair with a hair cap before going in to pool and soaking your hair with chlorine on it. Don’t forget to rinse after swimming.

Trim your hair

After coloring your hair, your hair ends tend to look ragged after a couple of weeks. When this happens, make sure to trim your hair or visit your favorite hairstylist and ask for a cut you’ve been eyeing for weeks. Now, that’s hitting two birds in a stone.

Consume Vitamin-C enriched fruits

What you eat reflects on the outside – always. It also applies when you eat food that is healthy in Vitamin C or anything citrusy. Vitamin C is also responsible for the production of collagen in your body – thus helps provide strength and structure to your hair and prevents it from breaking.


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