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Simple Hair Care Tips for Different Hair Types

Sep 13, 2021

Simple Hair Care Tips for Different Hair Types

Our hair is our crowning glory, and every hair type is beautiful. Be pride in whatever texture you have, and always take care of it.

If you’re always struggling on how to do a proper hair care routine and maintaining your hair, then you’ve come to right page. Taking care of your hair shouldn’t be a hassle than you think it is.

First things first, identify your hair type. From there, do a simple hair care routine, and then you’re good to go. Always watch out for hair damage though!

In this article, we’ll be providing you a simple hair care tips for different hair types, the most common problems, and how to deal with it so you can look and feel good all day long. Read along!

Different hair types

There are four major hair types we should know:

Type 1 – Straight

Type 2 – Wavy

Type 3 – Curly

Type 4 – Kinky

With each hair types also come a different hair care tips you should follow to keep them healthy and damage-free.

Straight hair

Not everyone is born with straight hair. While it comes with benefits for being manageable, easy to style, and even color – it also has its disadvantages as we know it. Straight hair faces various problems from becoming greasy very quickly. Experts recommend washing your hair often and practice deep scalp cleansing. You may also need to wash it more often and use products like dry shampoo on the days in between.

For those with long and straight hair, your hair is most likely to get your hair curled up in a frizz ball and when you wake up in the morning. Try using silk pillowcases to prevent this from happening. Silk pillowcases reduce the amount of friction on your hair as you sleep.

When it comes to using hair accessories, as much as possible use a scrunchie to prevent hair wrinkles. You can also get a silk scrunchie instead, as they’re hypoallergenic and environment-friendly.

Wavy Hair

When you have naturally wavy hair, people say you have the best of both worlds and we couldn’t agree more. It’s a super versatile hair type that can keep up with any hair length and hair color too!

Having wavy hair means it’s volumized – which is lacking for most of those who have straight hair. Wavy hair seems to absorb hair products well so make sure you choose the best one in the market. We suggest our Mayraki Silky Smooth Proactive Treatment that gives a defined and more manageable look.

When hair styling your wavy hair, you can either put it in a bun with a scrunchie. Once you take it off after a few hours, you can definitely get perfect ‘no heat’ beach waves.

Curly Hair

Blessed are those with naturally curly hair as they get noticed all the time. While you may have a hard time searching for the perfect hairstyle, take note that the only trick on how you can take care of your curly hair is by keeping it tamable and hydrated at all times.

For the choice of shampoo, choose a brand that’s sulfate, silicones, and paraben-free. Natural and vegan products help prevent scalp irritation while promising nourished and healthy locks. When removing tangles, a wide-tooth comb works best.

Kinky Hair

For those with kinky hair, you may find yourself lucky because your manes protect your scalp against direct sunlight and keep the scalp cool. With that said, having kinky hair is low maintenance. When styling it, you can just put on a headband or even a simple ponytail. Experts also suggest avoiding cutting your hair very short as it makes your hair even curlier than before.

For your hair care routine, sulfate-free shampoo and a heavy moisturizing conditioner are highly recommended. Use a moisturizing mask every time you wash your hair, then towel-dry your hair to remove excess moisture. After towel drying, let them air dry, and voila! You’ve got defined kinky curls you’re going to love for life.

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