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How to Keep Dyed Hair Healthy

Sep 13, 2021

How to Keep Dyed Hair Healthy

Have you recently dyed your hair? Are you on the search for the best hair care routine to keep those manes healthy and vibrant?

Having a brand new hair color can amp up your look. You feel good about yourself, and everything feels brand new. However, you should know that proper hair maintenance is a must to prevent your hair color from fading and drying. You’ve shelled out a small fortune already for your new look – then why not invest in some safe and effective hair color tips or products to keep the color longer?

Here are some tips to keep your hair color longer and healthy.

Use lukewarm water

Lukewarm water is ideal for washing hair. We all know that excessive use of hot or cold water when rinsing freshly colored hair can cause hair damage. When hair is exposed to hot water, the hair cuticle opens, and hair color may fade easily. Hair can be brittle and lifeless if you continue this unhealthy practice. And not just that – use of the high temperature of the water can cause burning, redness and may damage your scalp tissue, causing irritation and inflammation. When this irritation occurs, this may lead to hair fall.

However, if you use cold water when rinsing your after shampooing or conditioning, it can help closes the pores, making it less vulnerable to grease, oil, and dirt.

Choose a sulfate-free shampoo

Investing in the right shampoo after dyeing your hair is of major importance. A sulfate-free shampoo helps keep the dye vibrant. If you continue using your regular shampoo, this may strip off your hair's natural moisture and softness, which can lead to fading. Choose a shampoo that offers hydration and frizz control, making it ideal for all types of hair.

Treat your hair with a hair mask

Expect your hair to get fried with chemicals after doing some heavy bleaching or applying a permanent dye chemicals. Practice using a hair mask on your hair every week to help restore you hair’s gloss and shine.

Avoid chlorine

This may be a buzzkill but if you’re going to the pool, avoid soaking your freshly colored treated hair in the water for too long. The pool is rich in chlorine and this may cause dryness, brittleness, and tangled hair. But not to worry, you can always put your hair up or apply coconut oil first on your hair. This oil helps create a slippery barrier between your strands and harmful chlorine.

After getting in the pool and your hair has been exposed already, try hydrate your hair with a mask or deep condition it after. Our bestselling proactive hair treatment works wonders. You should try it!

Skip heat-styling

Since your hair is more vulnerable to damage, let’s not worsen the case here. Your hair is brittle and more prone to further damage, so skipping the curling iron or the straightening iron will be the best decision you’ll make. Also avoid brushing or combing wet hair to prevent breakage and split ends. What you need to do is wait until your tresses are completely dry before you comb it.

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