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How to Deal with Gray Hair

Jul 21, 2022 | By Justine Ses

How to Deal with Gray Hair

Ladies and gentlemen, our first gray hair is a rite of passage, a reminder that we're getting older, wiser, and that we are blessed to be a vibrant human being. Like laugh lines, gray hairs are a totem of a life well-lived.

Here's everything you ever wanted to know about being a silver fox or dyeing your salt-and-pepper strands.

What causes gray hair?

Hair graying is an irreversible reality of life and is often associated with growing old. This happens when the color-producing cells stop producing pigment, and it may happen to all of us at some point. And if it happens at a young age, it may be due to stress, anemia, lack of proper diet, vitamins, habits of smoking. But the main reason for premature graying is genetic.

Is plucking your gray hair a good idea?

Plucking is not an advisable action and not the answer to getting rid of gray hair. Although plucking gray hair will not cause three or more gray hairs to grow back in its place, it is not right because it can destroy and traumatize your hair follicles and possibly lead to having bald patches.

Are there other ways to deal with gray hair?

Our number one piece of advice would be avoiding the factors that cause it, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition, and by using our Anti-grey, Hair Color Restoring Treatment will able to intensively restore gray hair to its original color with moisturizing properties that promotes healthy and more robust hair.

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