Mayraki Hair Growth Ulti-Nutra Laser System

Mayraki Hair Growth Ulti-Nutra Laser System

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Is hair loss or baldness having an impact on your self-esteem?
According to a study, hair loss affects 30-50% of the population by the time they reach the age of 50. And that isn’t just men. Many women also suffer with hair loss and this can lead to a decrease in confidence. Causes of hair loss are varied with triggers including stress and unhealthy
practices. However, most hair loss conditions are genetic. Mayraki strives to produce high-quality products which aim to reduce hair loss and stimulate healthy growth. Empowering you to feel confident in your locks.
The Mayraki Hair Growth Ulti-Nutra Laser System is a revolutionary comb that naturally encourages hair regrowth. Through improving blood circulation, and strengthening hair roots,
the comb enhances scalp health. Designed with 14 massage bars, this system stimulates hair follicles and helps hair to grow thicker and healthier.
The system comes with 9 medical-grade lasers (no LEDs) and delivers light energy (650 nm) to your hair follicles. In addition, it is user friendly and portable, making it easy to travel with.

Other features:

  • Infrared rays to activate cells that quicken scalp metabolism and promote cell regeneration
  • Produces micro vibration which comfortably massages your head during use
  • RF (Radiofrequency) and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) effectively awaken the
    hair follicle


1. Red light appears when the comb is in charging status. A green light appears when the battery is fully charged

2  For safety, take off any metal jewellery (including watches) when using this product

3. When this device is in photon mode do not look directly at the photon emitter

4. This product is NOT suitable for those experiencing the following conditions: heart disease, cancer, hypertension or fever. And is NOT suitable also for those on medical treatment, with any metal implant inside their body, pregnant or lactating mothers, and those with sensitive skin disease


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