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How Aloe Vera Helps in Hair Growth

Mar 19, 2021 | By Maria Eliza Pineda

How Aloe Vera Helps in Hair Growth

Aloe vera is a well-known hair care ingredient and natural remedy. But how exactly does it benefit the hair and help with hair growth? Read on to find out!

Aloe vera is one of the easiest ingredients to get a hold of. It doesn’t grow in only certain parts of the world or certain seasons of the year, it grows practically everywhere and is pretty abundant all year round. Tons of people grow aloe vera in their backyards or even just small pots.

It’s also one of the most used components in hair care because of its numerous benefits for the hair. Naturally, the plain gel of an aloe vera plant can already do a lot for your hair, but combined with other ingredients that work alongside it in professionally formulated products, it becomes even more of a powerhouse.

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But how exactly does aloe vera work to improve your hair and help it grow healthily? Here are a few ways aloe vera can elevate your hair care routine.

Soothes the Scalp and Relieves Irritation

Besides being a famous hair care ingredient, aloe vera is also a very well-known skincare ingredient. It’s been proven that aloe vera helps to soothe and heal skin that’s irritated or wounded. It’s commonly used on rashes, sunburns, and even cuts and burns.

This is great news for hair because the scalp is an incredibly important part of hair health. The skin on your scalp should stay healthy and nourished just as your hair so your follicles can grow stronger and faster. Scalp skin is sensitive and can react quickly just by taking in environmental pollution, getting too much buildup, or any harsh chemicals or ingredients that you unknowingly use. This can cause itchiness, oiliness, dryness, dandruff, and other issues. Aloe vera helps to soothe the scalp’s skin, relieving inflammation and irritation. This is especially good to have when you’ve gone a little too long without washing your hair and are starting to build sebum and dirt in your scalp and roots that can irritate your skin.

Deep Cleanses the Scalp and Strands

Studies show that aloe vera has amazing antibacterial properties. In some cases, antibacterial substances may be harsh and can cause dryness and a few other side effects. But aloe vera is very gentle on the skin and hair and is even used to treat irritation and dryness. This means that as opposed to stripping you of moisture, it nourishes and cleanses at the same time.

These antibacterial properties along with its nourishing qualities are excellent for the hair. It deeply but gently cleanses that scalp and strands of sebum and other types of buildup. This helps the scalp and roots feel fresh and clean without being stripped of moisture. Deep cleansing with aloe vera also helps prevent itchiness, dandruff, and an overly oily scalp.

Moisturizes the Hair

Aloe vera is packed with essential nutrients that hydrate and nourish the hair. Hair gets dryer and dryer due to everyday wear and tear. Heat styling, chemical treatments, coloring, shampooing, friction, and pollution are all factors that your hair can face depending on what you do and how you choose to style it. These are all very drying and your hair needs extra moisture to balance it all out.

Aloe vera has long been used for moisturization in beauty regimens by cultures all around the world for millennia. When used on the hair and scalp, it hydrates the skin and strands beautifully. It leaves the hair flexible, shiny, soft, and super smooth. It’s also often used as a detangling or pre-shampoo treatment to make the hair slippery and easy to unknot.

Strengthens the Hair

Aloe vera contains numerous vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, C, E, B12, folic acid, choline, calcium, chromium, copper, selenium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium and zinc. All of which nourish and strengthen the hair’s bonds. Aloe vera has a good balance of both moisture and strength that keeps the hair in an optimum state.

Strengthening your hair will make it less prone to breakage, split ends, and hairfall. These are the most common and major causes of hair thinning especially those with chemically or heat damaged hair. Once the hair receives enough strength and nourishment, your hair will be able to grow much faster, thicker, and healthier.

Aloe Vera for Hair Growth

The numerous wonderful benefits of aloe vera treat the scalp so that it has the optimal environment for hair growth. When your scalp is healthy, the follicles that will grow in will also be healthy. Your hair health will also be improved by the moisturizing and strengthening properties of aloe vera. Keeping your strands healthy and free from breakage, split ends, and excessive hairfall will ensure that your follicle is in the growing phase for the maximum amount of time and doesn’t break off or fall off prematurely. A healthy scalp will also ensure that once your follicle is past the growing phase, it doesn’t stay dormant for long and continues to grow at a regular rate.

Aloe Vera: a Super Ingredient for Your Hair and Scalp

Natural aloe vera gel that you can scrape off of your aloe vera plant can already do wonders for your hair. It’s a great way to treat your scalp and strands with something very nourishing and gentle at the same time. Aloe vera also works even better when combined with the optimum ingredients that boost and support its hair nourishing properties. It is a super ingredient for your hair and scalp! So, it’s always a good idea to have some growing and have them in your favorite hair care products.