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Tips Before Going Platinum Blonde

Jul 29, 2022 | By Denise V.

Tips Before Going Platinum Blonde

This isolation has inspired everyone to try out different hobbies like planting, sketching, cooking, working out, and even styling hair to the extreme.

Not everyone can pull off a risky hair color such as a platinum blonde – but if you’re ready to level up your hair game, here’s are some tips to help you maintain and style your newly styled hair.

  • Take a break from coloring your hair

Make sure to plan this for months before going full-on platinum blonde to avoid extreme damage in your hair. To achieve the platinum blonde shade, skip coloring your hair and other styling treatment and let your natural hair color grows before you do it.

  • Do not wash your hair

Before you go to a salon to go for that platinum blonde hair, it’s highly suggested to not wash your hair days before your appointment. Let your scalp’s natural oil protect you from the chemical damage from your hair treatment.

  • Condition your hair

Choose a hair treatment that’s safe to use on colored hair, as well as those that condition them at the same time. Switch to Mayraki Silky Smooth Proactive Hair Treatment for that deep nourishing and hydration for your hair. Guaranteed vegan and effectively leaves hair smooth and healthy after first use.

  • Style it

After gently drying your hair with a microfiber hair towel wrap, why not try different hairstyles to elevate your platinum blonde hair. You can go to the extreme and try pixie cut, or put bangs if you have a long hair. Try to be creative and add accessories from a headband, or just basically doing a side sweep if you have a straight bob.

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