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Get Expensive Looking Hair Within a Budget

Jul 21, 2022 | By Denise V.

Get Expensive Looking Hair Within a Budget

While everyone’s stuck at home, staying healthy, and adjusting to the new normal, did you know that you can achieve expensive-looking hair without going to a salon?

No need to shed out a huge amount of money to get the look you want – but with the right tips, routines, and practices – now you can. Read along.

  • Keep in vibrant

Those with natural and colored hair should keep in mind that keeping it shiny would make it look chic and expensive. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner that will give more depth and richness to your hair. Give your hair a hydrating boost and start now by using our Ultra Weightless Shampoo combined with Mayraki Silky Smooth Proactive Hair Treatment. Don’t forget to massage your scalp to help your locks absorb the hair products’ nutrients better, and strengthen your hair’s roots.

  • Cut it short

Did you know that women pay more than men when cutting their hair short? But don’t worry! There are lots of tutorials on YouTube on how to cut you own hair.

Getting a bangs is transformative, and creates a whole aura. While most women are not into cutting off their chops, a short hair would really give off a very expensive look.

  • Getting a bangs

Depending on your face shape, getting a bangs will give you a statement look. Most ladies who get bags are those who have fine hair and wanted to create some volume – however, getting one is the trickiest hairstyles to pull off. Before you commit to a bags, make sure your hair’s soft and manageable first for easy cutting.

Pulling off an expensive looking hair takes much effort and correct practices – but nothing is impossible with shifting into an effective and safer hair products. For more tips and hair related articles, make sure to keep it locked on this page.