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Protein vs Moisture: Which Does My Hair Need?

Jul 21, 2022 | By Maria Eliza Pineda

Protein vs Moisture: Which Does My Hair Need?

Your hair needs a balance of nourishment to be at its best. It’s all about knowing which one your hair needs: protein or moisture? Want to find out? Read on!

Protein-moisture balance is that sought after state for your hair where your hair is at its healthiest. It looks and feels its best; soft, smooth, and strong at the same time. Achieving this balance is what should always be the goal when you curate your hair care routine.

A mistake that a lot of people make is having too much of one thing in their routine, most commonly: moisture. Moisture is the more popular “nourishment” that sticks in a lot of people’s minds. A lot of people assume that the more moisture they put in their hair care routine, the healthier their hair will be. And while that can be true in some cases, there is such a thing called moisture overload where hair becomes overly moisturized and unhealthy.

Every hair type and every routine is different. Some people need more moisture in their routine and some need more protein. It is up to you to determine which your hair needs. But fear not! We’re here to help you out on how you can do that. Read on to know our protein vs moisture checklist and find out what your hair needs.

You Need Protein If…

Your hair is too soft

Yes, surprisingly, there is such a thing as hair that’s too soft! Just like anything that’s soaked in water for too long, things get a bit weird. Think of your hair as pasta. You don’t want to over-hydrate and make it too soft and mushy, you want the perfect al dente texture. If your hair feels just a little too soft (you’ll be able to feel it don’t worry!), it’s time to incorporate some protein into your routine.

Your hair lacks definition

This goes for all the wavies and curlies out there. If your hair gets too soft, your curls might drop and not form properly anymore. If you find that your hair isn’t going back to its natural curl pattern, it might be a sign that your hair is overloaded with moisture and it needs a protein boost!

Your hair is damaged

Damaged hair absolutely loves protein. Contrary to popular belief, damaged hair should not be moisturized to oblivion to gain back its health. While it’s essential to have a lot of moisture, your hair will benefit a lot more from protein. Protein will build the bonds back up in your hair, making it stronger and healthier. It will also form a protective layer that helps your damaged cuticle keep in moisture and protect the hair from even more damage.

Your hair is extremely flexible

The number one way to tell if your hair is overloaded with moisture is to do the flexibility test. This is done by taking one strand of your hair and stretching it as much as you can. Perfectly balanced and healthy hair will stretch a little, then bounce back once you release the pressure. Moisture overloaded hair will stretch and stretch like a rubber band until it just breaks off. If this happens, your hair is in a very precarious state and is in-need of some moisture, pronto!

Your hair is fine

Some types of hair naturally need more protein than others. If you have fine hair and especially if you have waves or curls in combination with this, you need more protein in your routine. Fine, wavy hair naturally craves more protein than coarse, curly hair because the hairs are more prone to being overly moisturized. The thinner hairs are also weaker and will benefit from a strengthening protein treatment.

You Need Moisture If…

Your hair is frizzy

If you have hair that just poofs up and does not want to stay in a style that you’ve wrestled it into, then you have frizzy hair. Frizzy hair means that your strands are dry, full of friction, and in dire need of some moisture. Any hair type can become frizzy if it’s dehydrated and damaged. The best way to combat frizz is to incorporate more moisture into your hair care routine.

Your hair is stiff

Balanced, healthy hair is soft, bouncy, and moves as you move. You will be able to tell if your hair is stiff if it doesn’t move as effortlessly in the wind or doesn’t flow when you move your head. Hair with too much protein will move rigidly and unnaturally and will feel thick and heavy. This means hair has too little moisture and needs some hydration!

Your hair is brittle

If you find that your hair breaks very easily, then it’s most likely dehydrated. Signs of brittle hair include having an excessive amount of hair on the brush when you detangle, a lot of short pieces in your hair that stick out, and pieces that break off in hats or on your pillow. Your hair is in need of moisture when it is too brittle.

Your hair lacks flexibility

The flexibility test is also very handy when checking if you need more moisture in your hair. You’ll know if your hair needs moisture if you do the flexibility test and your hair does not stretch or bounce back at all and instead breaks off immediately.

Your hair is dry

This might be obvious but if your hair just feels dry, it needs more moisture. Healthy hair should be shiny, soft, and bouncy while dry hair will be very dull and frizzy. Thankfully, dry hair is very easily remedied by adding a few moisturizing products in your routine.

Your hair is coarse

Some hair types need almost an unlimited amount of moisture for their hair and those are the coarse, super curly hair types. The coarser and curlier your hair is, the drier it is naturally and tons of moisture is needed in your routine.

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