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How to Choose the Best Natural Hair Color

Jul 21, 2022 | By Queenie Jade

How to Choose the Best Natural Hair Color

Are you are looking for a hair color that seems natural and offers you a more healthy glow? The perfect haircut is essential for feeling your best, but the correct hair color is crucial. Depending on how good they look with your skin tone, specific colors might seem stunning or dull on you. Most of the time, we pick a hair color based on what's trendy, which doesn't always fit our hair type. The best thing that you could do is to think your decision through. To help you with that, here are tips on how to choose the best natural hair color for your looks.

Make sure that it suits your skin tone

One of the things you should do before dying your hair is identifying your skin color. Determining if your skin tone is warm or cold will help you choose the right hair color for your hair type.

So, how do you figure out what your skin tone is?

A "wrist test" is an easy way to find out.

Flip your wrist over and take a glance at the color of your veins. You are most likely cool-toned if they are blue or purple. Green and yellow veins or show that your skin has a warm tone.

If you have warm, brown-ish, yellow-ish tones, it would be advisable to use warm colors. Warm hair colors like red, orange, and gold tones offer warmth and vibrancy to the face.

But, if you have a cooler, pale complexion, you'll want to accent it by opting for shiny, ashy colors. Ash brown, black, platinum blonde, and cherry will perfectly blend with this skin tone.

Match your hair color to the color of your eyes

Eye color is another great way to determine your perfect hair color. The color that you choose should make your eyes pop and stand out.

Dark Brown Eyes

Dark brown eyes appear lovely when paired with a warm complexion. Brown eyes look great with dark, rich hair tones. It might also look great if you have a cooler skin tone. Light brown colors with traces of blonde would look fantastic.

Green Eyes

Red looks fantastic with green eyes because it draws attention to them. Shades like auburn or strawberry blonde are suitable for warm complexion tones.

If you want to seem more brunette, use brown with red undertones. Black also looks great. Red is still a good choice for cooler skin tones, or try a copper shade.

Platinum blonde or gold may look beautiful if you attempt a blonde color. Darker browns and blacks complement light green eyes nicely.

Blue Eyes

Golden browns, honey blondes, and chestnut browns are the best hair colors for warm complexion tones paired with blue-colored eyes.

Hair colors like platinum blonde, burgundy, and auburn complement cool complexion tones and bring out the eyes.

Know the health of your hair

If you have never dyed your hair in your whole life, you have a perfect hair canvas. It is most likely not harmed unless you use flat or curling irons or over-wash it. If your hair is brittle and weak, avoid sudden changes.

Going from lighter to darker is simpler when your hair is damaged than going from darker to lighter. When you bleach your hair, you rob it of its color, so if it's damaged, don't bleach it.

Instead of going for a significant color change, invest in decent hair care such as Mayraki’s all-natural hair products. Use purifying shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair looking healthy. Sometimes loving your natural color while making your hair softer, healthier, and more bouncy is the key to avoiding a lot of damage.