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Chic Ways to Style Short Hair

Jul 07, 2022 | By

Chic Ways to Style Short Hair

Congrats! You’ve finally chopped your hair and off to a great start! In this article, we’ll show you chic ways on how to stand out with those short and fancy hair cut! Read along!

  • 1.Put a bandana

If you have a chin-length cut, one of the chic ways you can upgrade your look is putting on a bandana or scarf. It adds a youthful vibe on your overall look and is perfect for hanging out with friends, going in a casual meeting, or even cleaning the house.

  • 2.Create a fake bangs

If you’re not yet convince of getting a bangs, try sweeping off a deep side part of your hair and put it in the other side. Sweep it well and secure it with a bobby pin or a headband.

  • 3.Do a bun

There are lots of easy bun hairstyles for short hair you can do under 30 seconds or less. As a matter of fact, doing a bun when you have short hair is quite effortless compare to having long hair. If you’re feeling quite playful, try the space bun, a messy half-know, or a low bun for a professional and clean look.

  • 4. Create a pompadour

If you have a pixie cut or say shorter than a bob, then creating a pompadour would be a chic idea to style your short hair. To do this, twist the hair you've gathered at the front and pushing it forward. Secure with two bobby pins and voila, an effortless yet sophisticated short hair look.

  • 5.Dye the ends of your hair

Splash a bit of your creative personality by dyeing only the ends of your hair. This is the perfect way to not make your short hair look hair boring. It’s trendy and makes you look confident. Plus! It also looks awesome even if your hair grows!

Before you decide which style to give your short hair, make sure your hair’s manageable by using our Mayraki Silky Smooth Proactive Hair Repairing Treatment. This ensures your hair safe from any damage from any hair styling you use and from possible dryness too. For more tips and hair articles like this, keep it locked here on our website.