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A Simple Guide to Figuring Out Your Hair Type

Sep 14, 2021

A Simple Guide to Figuring Out Your Hair Type

The first thing you should know when you’re figuring out how to take care of your hair is what your hair type is. That’s because each hair type has different needs and you won’t really know what it does need unless you know your hair type. If you’re getting less than satisfactory results with your current hair care routine, then you might not be using doing the right things for your specific hair type. It’s time to switch up your products!

But what is your hair type? Still not too sure about it? Take a look at our simplified guide:



If there is absolutely no waves in your hair, then your hair type is 1A, the only straight hair type. Your hair type will be more prone to moisture overload and greasiness. You may also have issues with lifelessness and lack of volume. You can put some life in those locks by using a deep cleansing, volumizing shampoo to prevent oiliness and fluff those roots up.



You will know that you have 2A hair if you see some slight S-shaped waves in your hair when you don’t brush it. Your hair type is similar to 1A and requires similar care. Get yourself a deep cleansing, volumizing shampoo to retain some volume and get rid of buildup. Then use some moisturizing products for your ends.


2B hair is what is commonly called beach waves. You’ve got those voluminous waves all that fall into fully formed S-shapes. This hair type can be dry and prone to frizziness. Get a good balance of lots of moisture in the strands with leave-ins and oils and ends and volumizing the roots with a good sulfate-free, deep cleansing shampoo.


2C hair isn’t fully formed ringlets but you will have tight S-shaped waves. Even more moisture at the strands and ends is advised for this hair type and a gentle shampoo.



3B hair will have those fully formed loose ringlets. This hair type is prone to dryness so lots of moisture is needed. Moisture and definition is the goal. You will benefit more from infrequent hair washing and using a lightweight shampoo. Define and moisturize your curls with a curl cream, leave-in, oil, and gel. Frequent treatments will also be amazing for your hair type.


3B is a tighter curl. Your ringlet should be able to wrap around a lipstick tube. More shrinkage will start to happen which means your hair will appear shorter but more voluminous. You won’t need to wash your hair very often because it’s prone to dryness. Lots of moisture is the key. Use a gentle shampoo or co-wash and use leave-in products for definition and moisture.


A 3C ringlet should be able to wrap around a pen. 3C hair is dry and voluminous. Infrequent hair washing is advised and hydrating co-washes and shampoos should be used when washing hair. Your curls are defined but will still love hydrating oils and creams. Keep frizz to a minimum with gel.



4A coils are prone to shrinkage and are super tight. This is the first hair type that will have hair that appears to grow wider rather than longer because of the volume and shrinkage. Prone to being very dry, 4A hair needs infrequent washing, a co-wash, and a deep conditioner. Oils, creams, and gels are also great for hydrating and styling. However, make sure to get rid of buildup by using a purifying shampoo once in a while.


4B coils will look more like a Z-shape and it can be wrapped around a knitting needle. 4B hair is even more voluminous, dry, and has significant shrinkage. Wash 4A hair only when necessary and use hydrating products such as emollients, humectants, hair oils, and leave-ins. Use a gel to keep the frizz down.


4C has the tightest circumference of all the hair types. It’s extremely dry and has the most shrinkage. Wash 4C hair only when necessary and use a co-wash, deep conditioner, and hydrating treatments to keep it moisturized. Hair oil is your best friend and can be used to detangle before washing. When you get too much buildup, bust out a clarifying shampoo to get rid of impurities.


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