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5 Top Christmas Gifts You Can Buy Online

Aug 22, 2022 | By Maria Eliza Pineda

5 Top Christmas Gifts You Can Buy Online

Christmas is coming! It’s time to get your friends and loved ones some thoughtful gifts to let them know you cherish them. Here are a few ideas on Christmas gifts that you can easily get online.

It can be difficult to get Christmas gift ideas for so many people year after year. It’s especially hard to join the last minute Christmas shopping bandwagon. But we know that not a lot of people will have the time to go out and buy gifts at the mall. It’s also something that a lot of us are avoiding as much as possible given the current situation.

Thankfully, online shopping is now a thing and a lifesaver for many! Save yourself the hassle of joining the Christmas craziness at the mall and order the gifts for your loved ones online instead. Here are a few versatile Christmas gift ideas that you can buy online.

A Bath Set

A bath set may seem like a common or generic gift to give, but a high-quality bath set will surely be appreciated. Bath sets can include all kinds of things, so it’s up to you to pick something out for your recipient that you think they’ll like. Bath sets can have bath bombs, bubble baths, soaps, scrubs, bath salts, body wash, soap, moisturizers, and more. Check outthese selections from Lush and get your friends and loved ones a bath set that they’ll enjoy on a night of relaxation.


Gadgets are another universal and versatile gift that you can give anyone. There is an endless amount of choices for gadgets nowadays from fun little trinkets, useful little things for everyday life, advanced techs like smartwatches, tablets, drones, and more. Depending on the budget that you have for your gift, you can easily get affordable gadgets especially during Christmas sales and you can get the more high-end stuff for a big discount. Check out the roster of gadgets here on Amazon that you can have delivered right to your door.

A Skincare Set

Skincare sets are another misleadingly “common” gift. However, it’s also one of the most luxurious presents that you can give depending on the brand that you choose. A luxury skincare set is a great way to show someone you care. People spend a lot of time and money taking care of their skin, so giving them a high-quality skincare set is always a welcome surprise. Here is a roster from Harrods of skincare sets from luxury brands that your loved ones will surely enjoy.

A Hair Care Set

A hair care set is one of the more “unique” gift ideas when it comes to grooming and self-care. Both body and face sets can be an expected but pleasant gift, but a haircare set can be a surprise. Haircare sets can also be versatile because you can include things like treatments, shampoos, and styling tools. Check out these hair care products and sets from Mayraki that you can gift your loved ones.

Home Goods

Our priorities and interests change as we age and as adults, we find ourselves loving gifts that are both fun and practical. Home goods are a great gift idea for your adult friends that love hanging around the house. Your gift can range from lifestyle pieces such as candles, vases, organizational knick-knacks, throws, rugs, and more. You can even go room by room and pick out things not just for the living room but for the kitchen and bedroom with items such as bedsheets, pillows, kitchen tools, etc. Check out John Lewis’s aesthetic roster of home goods here.

Shop While You Can!

Last-minute Christmas shopping can be stressful indeed. Shop now while you still have ample time to get your deliveries in. These are just a few ideas and places to help you decide where you want to get your online Christmas shopping done.