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The Natural Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo

The Natural Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo

Jul 29, 2022

A permanent gray coverage Natural permanent hair color dye shampoo that does everything in one go. It’s a combination of a shampoo and a hair coloring treatment in one. Made from natural essences that effectively color the hair while smoothing it at the same time. No need for a brush and bowl. Just lather it in your hair, wait for 40 minutes, then voila, your grays are covered!

Naturally Covers Grays Effectively

The Mayraki Gray Coverage Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo effectively covers those stubborn gray hairs with your desired color. It’s designed to coat the gray hairs evenly and make sure that the pigment has completely saturated for the best gray hair coverage. You won’t need to refresh your color until the hair grows out.

Easy and Convenient

Unlike the typical hair coloring process, the Mayraki Gray Coverage Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just wash the hair as normal, lather in the product like a normal shampoo, leave it in, and rinse. Touching up your roots doesn’t have to be complicated.

Less Damage

The Mayraki Gray Coverage Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo is specially formulated to be less damaging than your normal hair color and hair dyes. Usually, non-damaging or semi-permanent hair color will not be pigmented enough to cover those grays and the damaging, permanent hair dye is the only one that can be used. However, this organic shampoo for color treated hair is designed to cover up grays while causing less damage to the hair unlike other permanent hair dyes.

Hair Nourishing

The Mayraki Gray Coverage permanent bright color hair dye Shampoo is not only less damaging, it’s also jam-packed with nourishing ingredients that actually improve the texture and health of the hair. Aside from covering your grays, your hair will also receive some pampering and a health boost.

Mayraki Gray Coverage Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo comes with 500 ml or 16.90 fl.oz of product in a bottle with eco-friendly packaging.

Why Mayraki Gray Coverage Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo Works?

1. Instantly Touched-Up Gray Hair

If you prefer instant gratification, the Mayraki organic hair color shampoo will produce immediate results. After just 40 minutes of leaving it on the hair, the grays will be completely covered and achieve the desired color.

2. Even Coverage

Other hair dye shampoos might not be ideal because they usually leave the hair very uneven with some colored grays and some non-colored gray hairs. This is why people usually result to just dyeing hair the traditional way. However, the Mayraki Gray coverage Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo has been designed to specifically address this issue and cover the stubborn gray hairs evenly just by lathering it thoroughly in the hair.

3. Permanent Effects

The Mayraki Gray Coverage Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo acts just like any other permanent hair dye and will stay on the hair until you want to remove it. You will only need to touch-up once the roots have grown in and color only that area.

4. Smooths Hair

The Mayraki Gray Coverage Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo contains ingredients that not only color the hair but also smooths it down and gives it nice shine. This is unheard of in permanent dye formulas, they will usually give a dull, flat finish.

How to Use Natural Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo

Before using the product, carefully read instructions and follow warnings for use shown on the package and the leaflet. Do not mix with other hair dyes. Do not exceed the recommended leave-in time.

  1. Wet your hair and wipe off the water on the hair. (Dry hair is also suitable)
  2. Wear plastic gloves (provided inside the box) before opening Hair shampoo.
  3. Use the Hair Shampoo and apply on hair.
  4. Massage hair well for 25-35 minutes until the shampoo is evenly spread out on the scalp. (For leather black color, it just requires 10-15 mins for a rapid hair dye).
  5. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


  • Try the product on a small area of the skin (we recommend behind your ears) before using
  • In case of contact with the eyes, flush your eyes with clean water without rubbing
  • Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool temperature, and keep out of reach of children
  • If your scalp has scars, swelling, eczema, and other abnormalities, please discontinue use

Natural Ingredients for Hair Color Dye Shampoo

This permanent shampoo-type hair dye delivers beautiful, evenly colored hair with its non-drip, conditioning formula. It's specifically designed to offer color and treatment to hair in a reduced leave-in time of just 40 minutes. Check out the key ingredients of the Mayraki Grey Coverage Hair Dye Shampoo, and why it's an effective product that gets rid of stubborn gray or silver hair.

Argan Oil

This ingredient is made from the fresh kernels of the fruit of the Argan tree in Morocco. The argan oil itself has been used for centuries for cooking and as a home remedy for health and beauty, including hair loss. It's high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, which is why it helps to hydrate and soften hair. It is easily absorbed by the hair cuticles, nourishing dry hair and making hair shine with health and radiance. When this key ingredient is used in the coloring process, it penetrates the hair at the cortex level, giving profound benefits during and after the hair color process. Argan oil is also rich in nutrients and phytochemicals that can revitalize color-treated and processed hair. When all its nutrients and minerals penetrate the scalp, it will help promote healthy hair growth too.

Coconut Oil

This key ingredient of the grey hair colour shampoo is a miracle ingredient in the beauty department. It's a highly nourishing oil with hundreds of uses and beneficial for certain hair types when used correctly. Coconut oil is the richest natural source of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). It's a special type of fatty acid with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that are very nourishing to the body. It's a good ingredient to mix with the product to prevent dry and rough tresses. The coconut oil counteracts the effects of the dye ingredient while nourishes and hydrates the hair at the same time. In clinical trials, coconut oil is also proven to stimulate hair growth and repairs hair damage. Another benefits of the coconut oil is that its vitamins and essential fatty acids also helps to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles, which speeds up hair growth.

Walnut Leaf Extract

The leaf extract from Walnut oil has been used for making cosmetic products. It's rich in vitamins and biotin which promotes hair growth. it helps strengthens the roots of your hair and makes your hair grow. Aside from preventing hair loss, the leaf extract rejuvenate your hair color and maintain all types of hairstyles.

Triandra Root Extract

Another key ingredient of the gray coverage hair dye shampoo is the Triandra Root Extract. It boasts a conditioning properties perfect for treating to dry and dull hair. Aside from clarifying the scalp, the root extracts enriches the hair shaft and prolong hair color for those who have a chemically treated hair.


Touching up your roots can be quite time-consuming and expensive. Rather than making salon appointments and exposing yourself to harsh chemicals from dyes, why not use an alternative like the Natural Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo? Brushes and bowls are not necessary. You just need to lather it on your hair, wait for 40 minutes, and your gray hair is covered. 

It's easy to maintain your hair color between coloring sessions with this Natural Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo in various colors.