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The Best Bangs for Round Face

Jul 07, 2022 | By Denise V.

The Best  Bangs for Round Face

Aside from hair dyeing, sporting a bangs can really make a difference in your whole appearance. While others are still hesitant that it may not flatter their faces, of course, there are  different bangs and cuts that would suit them, if researched well. There are several key principles to keep in mind when choosing between different types of bangs for a round face. If you’re ready to find out what type of bangs best matches your round face, then read along!

Side Bangs

Side bangs

Try to refresh your style by putting on a side bangs. Celebrities like Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone can be seen with a side swept bangs that instantly put a glam on their overall look. It’s also practical and matches every type of outfits. Make sure your hair is manageable at all time to pull off a side bangs perfectly. Try using a  Mayraki Silky Smooth Proactive Repairing Treatment to make sure you have a perfectly side bangs anytime and anywhere.

Wispy Bangs

Another type of bangs you should check out is the wispy bangs that hang over the eyebrows. This bangs draw less attention to the round face, then more focus on the subtleness this style gives.

Choppy Bangs

What makes this bangs a standout is its uneven length that are full of movement and texture. Overall, it helps balance the roundness of the face.

Korean Bangs

Korean Bangs

You may have had watched different Korean dramas, and sometimes, we envy those leads who sport a Korean parted bangs. It gives off a soft and subtle in your overall look, and soften the edges too.

Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

If you’re trying to be edgy but not that confident with your face shape, then having a side bangs would perfectly match your look.

Micro Bangs

Can you really pull of a micro bangs? Yes!

First off, having a micro bangs is a full commitment. If you are born with a  naturally straight hair and a round face, then try this micro bangs today!