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The Benefits of Argania Spinosa Kernel for Hair

Feb 07, 2023 | By Maria

The Benefits of Argania Spinosa Kernel for Hair

If you have gotten into the habit of reading the back of your hair care bottles and finding out what ingredients you are using for your hair, then you may have already encountered this ingredient multiple times: Argania Spinosa kernel oil. It’s a pretty popular ingredient in numerous hair care products including shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, treatments, and much more.

That’s because Argania Spinosa kernel oil for hair has incredible benefits that instantly improve the texture and health of hair. Want to know more about what Argania Spinosa kernel oil is and how exactly it helps your hair? Keep on reading to know more about its benefits!

What is Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil?

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil for Hair

Truth be told, argania spinosa kernel oil is just a fancier and more scientific name for what you may already know as argan oil. Argan oil comes from the argan tree plant local to Morocco and Southwestern Algeria. The best process and form of this oil is cold-pressed. This ensures that it retains all its nutrients and doesn’t get chemically altered with heat.

This powerful natural ingredient has been used in traditional remedies for centuries. Recent scientific studies have proven that argan oil has numerous benefits for the hair which makes it a favorite all-natural ingredient in hair care products.

Benefits of Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

Hair Benefits of Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

Argan oil is a versatile and natural oil that has been used for centuries to nourish and improve the health of hair. Known for its lightweight consistency and easy absorbency, it is a popular choice among those looking for a natural solution for hair care. In this discussion, we will delve into the various benefits of using argan oil, including its ability to moisturize, enhance shine, and protect hair from damage. We will also explore the scientific research that supports its effectiveness and the various ways in which it can be used to improve the overall health of the hair.


Most people shy away from using oils because they can be thick, sticky, and messy. Argan oil is not one of those oils. It’s completely okay to use on its own even without an agent to alter its consistency because it’s lightweight and very thin. This makes it very easy to handle. The lightweight quality will also not weigh down the hair and make it look greasy.

Easily Absorbed

Argan oil is lightweight, thin in consistency, and has a molecular structure that enables it to be absorbed much quicker than thicker oils such as coconut or olive oil. Its molecules are relatively small and it contains linolenic acid which makes it very easily absorbable by the human body. You won’t feel oiliness or slickness on the surface of your hair for too long because argan oil will quickly absorb into the scalp and hair and nourish it from within.


As most oils, argan oil is very moisturizing and perfect for those experiencing frizziness and dryness. It lubricates the hair shaft, smoothing down frizz and flyaways as well as absorbs into the hair and moisturizes from within.

Enhances Shine

Argan oil is a great finishing product after styling hair. If you need a quick boost of shine and still maintain volume and do not like an overly oily feel, you can apply a few drops of this onto the ends of your hair after drying, straightening, or curling. It will give your hair an incredible shine, soften it, and still be light enough to maintain your style.

Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants

Argan oil is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that hair absolutely loves. It is rich in vitamin E which prevents dryness and provides a protective fatty layer for the scalp and cuticle that smooths down frizz and helps prevent damage. Argan oil also contains high amounts of linoleic acid and oleic acid which helps keep the hair moisturized and healthy.

Studies show that argan oil can also help prevent oxidative stress because of the high amounts of antioxidants it contains. Oxidative stress can cause premature aging of the scalp and hair and bring about gray hair, hair loss, and scalp irritation. The antioxidants in argan oil will help purge the hair of free radicals that can cause oxidative stress.

Best Argania Spinosa Shampoo

Argania Spinosa Shampoo

Argania spinosa kernel oil is one of the ingredients in Mayraki Professional’s Organic Hydrolyzed Keratin Instant Smoother System. The argan oil helps moisturize and nourish the hair while the keratin in the treatment will seal everything in so the moisture stays inside and the hair is protected. This produces an outstanding shine, silky smooth tresses, and thicker, stronger, and healthier hair.

The Mayraki organic keratin treatment system is perfect for those with dry, frizzy, and damaged hair. It will immediately revitalize your locks and further protect it from damage. It’s a great way to maintain your hair at home without having to spend a pretty penny on salon treatments.

Simply prep the hair with the Purifying Shampoo included in the kit to cleanse buildup and get it ready for the keratin treatment. After rinsing, section hair and apply the keratin treatment. Leave the treatment on for 1-1.5 hours and then rinse thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water. Blow dry hair until 70-80% dry and use a flat iron to seal in the product. For a straight finish, do more passes with the iron.

Argania Spinosa All the Way!

Argania Spinosa

Argania spinosa kernel oil for hair is nothing new. It has been used as a beauty secret for centuries. On its own, it is already a powerful ingredient that can immediately give you amazing results. However, combined with the latest hair care technology, it is even more potent and works in perfect harmony with other ingredients that enhance its benefits.

Mayraki Professional chooses to include argan oil in multiple best-selling hair products with a meticulous formula that is carefully crafted to enable each ingredient to complement and enhance one another. Want to try out our products with Argania Spinosa kernel oil? Check these out!