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The 10 Benefits of Keratin Hair Treatment

May 27, 2024 | By Maria

The 10 Benefits of Keratin Hair Treatment

A keratin hair treatment is still one of the most sought after treatments nowadays. There may be other types of hair treatments that have come out, but none have lived up to the keratin craze. So, why is it that a keratin treatment is still unbeatable when it comes to popular hair treatments?

Nothing beats a good ol’ keratin blowout when it comes to achieving that voluminous but smooth and shiny finish while still giving your hair some health benefits. Wondering what those benefits are? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to tell you all about the top 10 benefits of getting a keratin hair treatment.

Smooth Hair

Oftentimes, keratin treatments are known as keratin “smoothing” treatments. That’s because one of their main purpose and sought after result is the smoothing effect on the hair. This is especially great for those with frizzy hair types that need to tame the flyaways.

A keratin treatment smooths the hair by patching up the broken up hair cuticle that’s causing the frizz. It also coats the hair in protein that allows the strands to feel smoother and gives it some slip that also decreases frizz-causing friction. Frizz is also the result of high porosity hair or damaged hair. Patching up the cuticle with a keratin coating will lessen the porosity of the hair and allow moisture to stay locked inside the strand.

Brilliant Shine

An amazing side effect and benefit of keratin is that it produces a brilliant shine that makes the hair look so vibrant and healthy. We’ve talked about the keratin coating that a keratin treatment provides for your locks. The shininess is simply a bonus of that keratin coating. Besides patching up the cuticle and taming frizz, this protein coating also provides the hair with an outstanding natural shine.

Strong Locks

Unlike other chemical treatments that boast aesthetic results, a keratin treatment will not have to damage your hair to make it look good. In fact, it will even make your locks stronger and thicker. Because the hair is made of keratin, the keratin that penetrates into the hair as well as coats the outside of the shaft can make the hair stronger and thicker. This makes it less prone to breakage and other types of damage.

Damage Repair

Hair is damaged every day. Even if you don’t use hot tools to style your hair much, damage can come from your environment and especially if you’ve done any chemical processes to your hair like bleaching, coloring, perming, etc. A keratin treatment can also help heal the damage that’s already been done to your hair.

Again, this is because hair is made of keratin. Once that keratin starts wearing away because of the damage, it becomes thinner and more brittle. A keratin treatment that infuses the strands with this protein and also coats the outside of it patches up all the damaged parts of the cuticle as well as heal the hair from the inside out and make it stronger.


You’ll notice that we’ve called this keratin coating as a “protective” layer. That’s because this protein layer also helps protect the hair from further damage. How, you say? This coating gives the hair a shield that protects it from environmental and physical damage as well as give it some slip that allows free radicals and debris to just slide right off.


Unlike other straightening or smoothing treatments, a keratin treatment does not give you a flat and dull result. This is why it became so popular. People love the voluminous finish that a keratin treatment has. The hair is full of life, bouncy, and thick.

Again, this is the keratin at work thickening up the hair strands and giving you a fuller, thicker look rather than just smooth and flat. The hair has more of a voluminous blowout effect that gives a more glamorous and healthy look.

Embracing Your Natural Texture

The beauty of keratin treatments is that it’s not just a straightening treatment. If straightening is what you’re really after, a formaldehyde treatment will get you that result. However, if you’re a curly or wavy wanting to get all the benefits of a keratin treatment without losing your beautiful natural texture, you can do that as well!

All you need to do is look for a formaldehyde-free formula. Formaldehyde (and its other names and variants) is the sole ingredient that has a straightening effect on the hair. Taking out this ingredient means that you can have all the benefits of a keratin treatment while still embracing your natural curls.

Low Maintenance

Unlike other chemical treatments, a keratin treatment doesn’t have to be hard to maintain. You can choose a formaldehyde-free, organic, formula to skip the expensive and time-consuming salon treatments and do it yourself at home instead. Also, since a keratin treatment wears off after a while, you don’t have to constantly get one when you roots start to show. You can easily take a break and just start again whenever you want to.

Less Damage

A keratin treatment is a lot less damaging than other chemical hair treatments such as perming, relaxing, rebonding, etc. If you choose a formaldehyde-free keratin treatment formula, you will basically be giving your hair a nourishing treatment because of the protein and other nourishing ingredients rather than a damaging aesthetic treatment.

Improved Manageability

A keratin treatment will make your hair incredibly shiny, smooth, and easy to manage. You won’t have to take so much time styling your hair because the keratin treatment will have already done much of the work. Detangling, styling, and even washing your hair will be much easier after getting a keratin treatment.

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What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re looking for a sign or reminder to get your keratin treatment, this is it! You have 10 reasons to go get one. A keratin treatment will not only make your hair look and feel amazing, it will also give your hair nourishment and even improve its health.