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How To Keep Gray Hair From Yellowing

May 24, 2023 | By Maria

How To Keep Gray Hair From Yellowing

More and more people are learning to embrace the beauty of gray hair and rocking the natural look. As we age, gray hair is a normal occurrence. Signs of aging have always been stigmatized in society but for no good reason. There's nothing wrong with wanting to embrace that next chapter of your life and age gracefully.

However, we also know that natural gray hair requires a specific type of care and needs to be maintained to retain that elegant gray color. While the hair grows naturally gray, due to environmental factors, gray hair turning yellow is a common problem.

Yellow or brassy tones can take away from that natural gray color and wash out your skin. But fear not, we have some tips on how to keep gray hair from yellowing.

Why Does Gray Hair Turn Yellow?

Why Does Gray Hair Turn Yellow?

Let's first talk about how grey hair gets its color. Hair starts turning gray when the cells at the bulb of the hair stop producing a pigment called melanin. This is the pigment that gives the hair and skin color. The more melanin is created, the darker the hair and skin is.

Melanin production in the hair starts depleting as we age, which is why it turns gray. Just as wrinkles, weak bones, and age spots are signs of aging, grey hair is also like this. Sure, if you take good care of your body and your hair, you can ward off grays for as long as possible, but there's a good chance that it will come eventually anyway.

This happens because aging causes the whole body to become weaker and have a hard time absorbing nutrition effectively. When hair isn't able to absorb nutrition, cells become dormant and result in depleted melanin production, which causes gray hair.

Environmental pollutants

Gray hair turning yellow can be caused by environmental pollutants. Things such as smoke, dust, mineral deposits, toxins, and many more can cause white or grey hair to turn into a brassy color..

Exposure to sunlight

Exposure to UV rays for an extended period of time is the number one cause for white hair or gray hair to turn yellow. This is because the sun has a naturally lightening effect on the hair. If you have dark hair, you'll notice that extended exposure to sunlight may give you natural highlights or lighten your hair in the summer.

For those with grey or white hair, the UV rays affect the strands differently. It causes the cool tones to turn yellow.

Use of certain hair products

Certain hair products can stick to the hair even after you've washed it. The chemical buildup of certain hair products can cause silver hair to turn brassy. When this happens, a deep cleanse is needed.

Understanding the Yellowing Process

Yellowing of gray hair can occur due to pollutants and buildup. Over time, pollutants from the environment, such as smoke, dust, and chemical residues from hair products, can accumulate on the hair shaft.

The presence of these pollutants can result in oxidative stress, which triggers the generation of free radicals capable of harming the natural pigments present in the hair. Additionally, minerals from hard water and styling products can build up on the hair, resulting in a yellowish tint. Regular cleansing and using clarifying products can help remove pollutants and buildup, restoring the natural color and vibrancy of gray hair.

How to Get Yellow Out of Hair

So if you're struggling with unwanted yellow tones in your hair, below are some effective techniques and practical steps to successfully remove yellow and restore a vibrant, beautiful hue to your locks. Explore our expert tips on how to get yellow out of hair and embrace a revitalized look.

Gentle cleansing and regular washing

Gentle cleansing and regular washing

Cleansing the impurities out of your hair regularly is an important step to prevent yellowing. While over-cleansing can also be unhealthy, this can be prevented by switching your regular shampoo with a natural moisturizing shampoo that is gentle, sulfate-free, but thoroughly cleansing.

Clarifying and deep-cleansing treatments

After a while, the buildup on your hair will eventually need to be removed by a deep cleansing treatment or shampoo. This is completely normal and should be done periodically, even if you don't have grey, white, or silver hair.

Every 1-2 weeks or so, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the buildup. This will prevent yellowing and restore the color of your natural grey hair.

Rinsing with Apple cider vinegar