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How To Add Volume To Hair

Sep 14, 2023 | By Reydel

How To Add Volume To Hair

Dreaming of lusciously voluminous hair but struggling with flat, fine, or thin locks? Discover how to add volume to hair naturally without harsh chemicals or heat damage in this comprehensive guide.

In this article, we'll delve into the complications of hair structure, explore the factors that impact natural hair volume, and provide you with effective and gentle ways to boost volume, leaving you with beautifully bouncy locks.

Hair Structure and Factors Affecting Natural Hair Volume

Hair Structure and Factors Affecting Natural Hair Volume

Before we dive into the methods of adding volume to your hair, let's understand how hair structure plays a key role.

Impact of Hair Structure on Natural Volume

  • Hair Texture: Fine, medium, or coarse—hair texture depends on strand diameter. Fine hair tends to lie flat, while coarse hair appears fuller due to thicker strands.
  • Hair Density:Low, medium, or high strand count impacts fullness. More hair strands, even if fine, result in greater volume.
  • Hair Type: Straight, wavy, or curly—hair type affects volume. Curly and wavy hair naturally possesses more volume than straight hair.

Familiarize yourself with these attributes to tailor your approach to boosting volume through styling, haircuts, or specialized products.

Factors Affecting Natural Hair Volume

The volume of your hair can also be significantly impacted by various external and internal factors:

  • Hormonal fluctuations: certain life stages such as pregnancy, menopause, or even fluctuations related to conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), hormonal imbalances can lead to changes in hair thickness and density.
  • Aging: As we age, hair may thin due to smaller follicles and slower hair growth. Reduced scalp oil production leads to finer hair and thinning hair.
  • Environmental factors: Pollutants and UV rays weaken hair. The sun's UV rays can deplete the hair's structure and cause dry hair, fine or thin hair leading to decreased hair volume and vitality.
  • Hair Care Practices: Harsh chemicals and excessive heat styling cause breakage, decreasing volume.

Achieving and maintaining volume requires balancing genetics, hormones, age, and care. Make informed choices to nurture healthy, voluminous hair.

11 Ways to Add Volume to Fine Hair, Thin Hair, and Flat Hair

11 Ways to Add Volume to Fine Hair, Thin Hair, and Flat Hair

In this guide, we'll reveal eleven effective and simple strategies to achieve voluminous hair, transforming it from lackluster, thin hair, and flat hair to lusciously voluminous:

1. Choose the Right Haircut

One way to add volume to your hair naturally is to choose a haircut that introduces layers and dynamic movement to your hair. Layers work wonders in creating the perception of extra volume by alleviating excess weight from the tips. For naturally amplified volume, explore haircuts and styles like layered cuts, textured hairstyles, and chic bobs. Collaborating with a professional hairstylist for tailored advice is important to discovering the haircut that perfectly complements your individual features and hair type.

2. Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

When seeking to enhance hair volume, consider the advantages of opting for lightweight, sulfate-free volumizing shampoo, along with complementary hair volume products.

Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Purposefully designed to cleanse without burdening your hair, these formulations maintain a delicate balance that moisturizes and repairs dry hair while thoroughly cleansing buildup, giving hair a weightless body. By selecting sulfate-free options and incorporating hair volume products, you prevent the risk of excessive product buildup that can lead to weighty, lackluster hair. These gentle yet effective solutions, combined with specialized hair volume products, provide a subtle lift at the roots, promoting natural volume and vibrancy.

3. Root Lifting Spray or Mousse

Applying a root lifting spray or mousse to wet hair before styling can create instant lift at the roots. These products add texture, extra lift, and hold, helping you stay voluminous throughout the day.

4. Blow Dry Techniques

Drying your hair upside down using a blow dryer is a trick that creates instant volume. This blow drying technique will encourage lift at the roots. Flip your hair upside down then use a round brush to lift the hair away from the scalp as you blow dry your hair with it.

5. Curling and Texturizing

Curling irons create waves and curls that add dimension and lift to otherwise flat hair. By strategically curling sections of your hair away from your face, you can achieve a fuller appearance.

Styling tools like round brushes and hairdryers can help add lift to the roots while blow-drying, providing extra height. Texturizing spray, when applied to the roots and lengths of your hair, creates texture and grip, making it easier to tease for added volume.

How to add volume to fine hair without drying it out

Opt for volumizing shampoo and conditioner tailored for fine hair. Embrace heat-free styling methods such as braiding damp hair overnight or using Velcro rollers, to create natural instant volume.

When using a blow dryer, choose a low heat setting and a diffuser attachment to prevent excessive heat exposure. You can also incorporate nourishing hair masks or leave-in conditioners to maintain hydration and vitality. By embracing these strategies, you can achieve enviable volume while safeguarding the health and moisture of your fine hair.

6. Velcro Rollers

After blow-drying, roll sections of your hair onto Velcro rollers while they're still warm. Leave them in for about 15 minutes before removing them for added body.

7. Teasing or Backcombing

Gently tease the hair at the crown to create more volume there. Remember to be gentle to avoid damaging your hair.

8. Dry Shampoo

On days when your hair needs a quick pick-me-up, use a dry shampoo. It absorbs excess oil, adds texture, and gives a boost of volume.

9. Proper Brushing Technique

Brush your hair with a boar bristle brush to naturally add body, starting at the roots and working your way down. This distributes natural oils, giving your hair more lift.

10. Hair Accessories

Experiment with accessories like headbands, hairpins, and scarves. These can help lift your hair at the roots and add a stylish flair.

11. Nutrition and Hydration

A balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and hydration is essential for healthy hair. Foods high in biotin, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids contribute to hair strength and volume.

By incorporating these techniques or simple tips into your hair care routine, you can achieve enviable volume without compromising the health of your hair. Remember, consistency is vital, and a little extra care can go a long way in transforming your locks from flat to fabulous and volumized hair.


The path to achieving fuller, more voluminous hair is well within your grasp, regardless of your hair's type or texture. Armed with the knowledge of your hair's distinct qualities and armed with the insights gained from these natural techniques on how to add volume to hair, you possess the tools to produce a remarkable transformation.

Embrace and celebrate your authentic beauty, showering your hair with the care and affection it truly deserves. Say goodbye to lackluster locks and welcome radiant, voluminous hair as your ultimate accessory. Your journey towards voluminous confidence starts now!