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Top 5 Hair Trends 2020

Jul 29, 2022 | By Denise V.

Top 5 Hair Trends 2020

Your hair must have gotten longer during the quarantine period, which makes it a perfect time to try a new hair trend. You’ve seen them gorgeous ladies – from your favorite celebrity stars and Instagram influencers, and now, you want them too!

In this article, we’ve gathered the top hair trends you should be on lookout this 2020, and how you can standout with it. Read along!

  • 1.Statement Bangs

It’s trending again, and a lot of ladies are already chopping off their bangs to achieve that fringe or just a straight cut bangs. This look is perfect either you have long or short hair – and it also enhances the shape of your face. Also! You can also go for the curtain bang that sweeps to both sides.

  • 2.Balayage

Vibrant balayage is trendy this year! A lot of ladies are embracing the bold hair colors for a more fashionable look. It has beautiful and blended colors making it an all-time favorite. This booming hair trend in 2020 wouldn’t slow down, I guess. Maintenance is easy as you only get to maintain your hair ends.

  • 3.Classic Bob

If there’s one thing that we see most on Instagram, it’s the ladies getting a bob which highlight their collar bone and their facial features. It looks sophisticated and brings off a youthful look.

  • 4.Hair Accessories

Accessories, accessories, accessories! These are important details that can up whatever your hair style is. It create an ensemble of own personal taste and style.

  • 5.The Rachel

ICYMI, FRIENDS is a cult favorite, and Rachel’s hairstyle might be having a comeback. It's all about the layers and a good blow-dry. Ready to go on a full-rachel vibe, then try this hair trend right now!

Before trying any hairstyle this year, make sure to condition your hair first with Mayraki Silky Smooth Proactive Hair Repairing Treatment. It’s perfect protection to keep your hair away from any damage from any type of styling.