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Signs That It's Time for You to Get a New Do

Jul 29, 2022 | By Justine Ses

Signs That It's Time for You to Get a New Do

Are you still in the mood for change, and by change we mean haircuts? Or you're still not sure if you want one? To help you decide, answer these questions below to find out if you need a hair makeover:

You have frizzy hair and split ends.

It's a huge sign that it's time to snip off your hair when you spot split ends. Leaving them as it is will only create more damage. Also, if you find the tips of your tresses often are flipping outwards, it's time for a health trim.

Your hair lacks volume.

Flat hair happens when the tresses are too heavy. To remedy this, go for a haircut with texture and layers. Alternatively, you can lift the roots with a dollop of mousse or a few spritzes of dry shampoo.

Your hair lacks shine.

Lifeless locks may indicate that your hair + scalp have product buildup, so you might want to try rinsing vinegar, scalp scrub, or a clarifying shampoo. Also, observe if your current bottle of shampoo is the culprit of your dry strands. Switch to a sulfate-free formula to bring back life to your tresses. The quick fixes you could try are shine serums and sprays.

Now, if you have done everything we have mentioned but your hair still looks dull, it's time to let go of a few inches. You may also get a salon treatment to hydrate your locks.

Your hair is difficult to style.

When the ends are uncooperative, it will be difficult for you to style your locks, a.k.a, only a ponytail works. Get out of a rut by asking your stylist to snip off layers to bring back the shape of your hair.

Your strands are always tangled.

To remove tangles, you must gently brush your hair and loosen the knots with the help of leave-in conditioners. But if you're just ready to move on from tangles, it's time to get a shorter haircut.

You're going through a significant life milestone.

You know the famous Coco Chanel quote, "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life."? That's still true today. A hair makeover will mark the moment you'll enter a different phase in your life.

You want a change.

Well, this is enough reason because YOU want sooo bad. Go! For! It!