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Here’s How You’re Damaging Your Colored Hair

Jul 21, 2022 | By Denise V.

Here’s How You’re Damaging Your Colored Hair

There are so many reasons why we color our hair – either for fun, to spice up our look, or we just wanted to cover the first signs of gray strands. Whatever the reason is, having your hair color done by a professional cost a lot and takes hours before you’re finished.

With this, proper hair care should be followed to keep your color fresh, shiny, and intact. We don’t want to ruin those precious manes, don’t we? Read along on the practices that have been damaging your colored hair.

  • Heat Styling

Colored hair or not, hair tools such as curling or straightening iron can heavily damaged our hair when used excessively. The more damaged the hair's cuticle layer is, the more susceptible it is to allowing water absorption to increase the loss of color and make your hair's hue appear dull. However, to prevent this from happening, try air drying your freshly colored hair then us some nourishing oil to keep the strands smooth while using a hair styling tool.

  • Showering in warm water

Nothing beats the experience of showering in warm water, but doing so may left your hair looking dry and dull. Try washing your hair with lukewarm water and your hair color will thank you.

  • Chlorine and strong chemicals

Experts share that one of the most important hair tips to remember after coloring the hair is to lay off the chemicals, from hairspray, too much blow drying, and hair treatments with lots of silicones and strong ingredients that could dull your colored hair

  • Not using conditioners

You may feel overwhelmed with how your current hair color looks like but remember that your treated hair also required some TLC. Try using shampoo and conditioners with less chemical and harmful content. Switch to a safer alternative – the Mayraki Silky Smooth Proactive Hair Treatment for example. This sulfate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free product provides fatty acids and vitamins that actively increase the shine in your locks and rejuvenate the smooth silky texture.

Don’t let your color fade away easily. Avoid the practices mentioned above, and you’re off to have a great hair day ahead. For more articles like this, keep it locked here on our website or follow us on @hairmayraki on Instagram for more tips and latest product updates.