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Top 10 Healthy Hair Habits For 2021

Aug 22, 2022 | By Maria Eliza Pineda

Top 10 Healthy Hair Habits For 2021

A few healthy habits can make a hell of a difference when it comes to your hair. Here are a few that you can start doing in 2021 for your healthy hair journey.

Getting professional treatments that you can do once in a while can make a drastic change in your hair immediately. If you have damaged, dry, or simply hair that’s not perfectly silky smooth, these treatments can instantly change the state of your hair with one session. While being absolutely amazing for the hair, these treatments usually cost a lot of money and take up a lot of your time. Plus, the results are not permanent and eventually, you will have to get them done again.

Salon treatments are a great treat, but the best and easiest way you can take care of your hair and have it be so much healthier in the long run is to develop little healthy hair habits that you can incorporate regularly into your hair care routine. Just like taking care of your whole body, your hair thrives on lifestyle changes that will protect and nourish it.

The little things that you do to care for your hair makes such a big difference once you make a habit of them and make it into a lifestyle. Check out these healthy hair habits you should be getting into in 2021.

Hair Masking

Hair masks are a great way to combat the regular damage and dryness that your hair gets as you go about your daily life. Every day, your hair takes unavoidable damage from environmental and physical factors and it’s just something that is always going to happen no matter what. Regular hair masks once or twice a week will help put some nourishment back into your hair and counteract all the damage it receives in your day to day life. Plus, they’re super easy to get ahold of! Everything you need is probably already sitting in your pantry.

Check out these homemade hair mask recipes to incorporate into your weekly routine.

Hair Oiling

Hair oiling is a beauty and bonding tradition practiced in India since ancient times until today. It is still considered to be one of the best and most treasured beauty secrets for long, luscious, and shiny hair. Modern science has already proven that essential oils have an amazing effect on hair and are extensively used on numerous hair products because of this. Hair oiling is a beautiful tradition that you can practice once a week to deeply condition and moisturize your hair. You can use an oil treatment specially formulated for this like the Mayraki Weightless Essential Oil Nutritive Treatment or check outthis article for the best hair oil combinations you can use.

Eating Whole Foods

Just like everything in your body, your hair is majorly affected by your diet. If you have a balanced and healthy diet, your hair will show it by being incredibly healthy, strong, and shiny. If you’ve noticed your hair being dull, brittle, and dry, try changing up some things in your diet. Make sure to eat whole foods with lots of nutrients and stay away from processed junk food. Incorporate foods that are high in protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids into your diet such as vegetables, fruits, fatty fishes, and lean meats.

Preventing Friction

Friction is one of the most notorious natural causes of damage in your day to day life. This is just one of those unavoidable types of damage that you’ll encounter no matter what you do. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t prevent it as much as you can. The less friction that you put your hair through, the less dry, tangled, and frizzy it will be. This means no more towel drying with a terry cloth towel, dry your hair instead with a soft microfiber material like the Mayraki Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap that won’t cause any friction. Your pillows also cause major friction and frizz when you lie down or sleep. It’s best to invest in some silk pillowcases to keep the friction to a minimum.

Pre-Poo Detangling and Wet Hair Detangling

Just like friction, detangling is actually another common cause of damage in your daily life. Detangling can cause physical tearing and breaking in the hair if not done properly. To make sure this doesn’t happen, start detangling your hair with a pre-shampoo ritual such as hair oiling or detangle your hair only when it is sopping wet. When you oil your hair and when it’s just been conditioned and hydrated with water, it’s a lot more flexible which means that breakage will be kept to a minimum. Detangle your hair from the bottom up with a brush with a good detangling brush like the Mayraki Wooden Paddle Brush (do not use fine tooth combs!) and only go up inch by inch once you’ve detangled each section to prevent knotting.

Regular Hair Treatments

Hair treatments don’t only have to happen at salons. With products like the Mayraki Silky Smooth Proactive Hair Repairing Treatment you can have your nourishing and repairing treatments at home. Regular maintenance with hair treatments can make a huge difference and you don’t have to go to a salon or make it happen.

Letting Your Hair Air Dry

Blow drying hair can cause a lot of heat damage and frizz. It’s good to air dry your hair as much as possible. Air drying won’t jostle your strands too much and leave it shinier and smoother than passing high air pressure through it. If you’re using heat to dry your hair, it’ll be good for your hair to have a break from the heat damage.

No-Heat Styling

Speaking of heat damage, take a break from other methods of heat styling such as flat ironing and curling. Even just a short break from it will do wonders for your hair and if you could extend these breaks even further, your hair will thank you. Experiment with some no-heat styling techniques such as overnight curls, twists, and braids. You’ll still be able to style your hair but without all the heat.

Clarify and Purify

It’s important to regularly cleanse your hair of buildup and impurities especially if you’re putting heavy oils and styling products in it. Get a shampoo that is sulfate-free but will also thoroughly cleanse your hair like the Mayraki Purifying, Anti-dandruff & Volumizing Amino Acid. A sulfate-free shampoo will ensure that your hair doesn’t get damaged and stripped of all its natural moisture while the purifying properties will still get rid of impurities and buildup.

Trim Hair Regularly

Trimming hair might be scary when you’re growing your hair out long, but contrary to what it might seem like, trimming will actually help your hair grow thicker, faster, and healthier. The ends of your hair are the most prone to damage than any other part and will oftentimes split when it gets too much. This will cause thinning and brittleness. Trim the very ends of your hair every 6 to 9 weeks to improve your hair’s growth and texture.