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A Great Way To Cope During COVID-19

Jul 07, 2022 | By Justine Ses

A Great Way To Cope During COVID-19

In the time of COVID-19, emotions are running high, and people are dealing with this pandemic differently. Some are experiencing anxiety, fear, and loneliness—which can sometimes lead to randomly bursting into tears.

Acting on self-care during stressful times is essential for your life. Listening to your inner voice and noticing how you feel is a guide for which self-care ritual to act on. For example, if your energy is high, you may want to take on a task around the house. If you're tired and want to relax, allow yourself that. Giving to yourself so that you feel whole will only let you give to others around you — including your family, friends, and the community.

Today we're sharing four tips on how to meditate, so find your favorite corner of your home, light a candle, and close your eyes.


When you declutter, you feel lighter inside. Pick an area in your home that could use some organizing. Something about the action of reorganizing my pantry always makes me feel refreshed and more in control.


Grab a book from that pile you've wanted to read, but you've been just too busy to get to. Make it a priority right now. I've got a long list of books that I'd love to read, including Commonwealth, Quiet, and Brain on Fire.


Write an encouraging note or letter on your favorite stationery to someone who's been in your thoughts. Pretty paper always inspires me to write more! Cute stamps are a bonus, and an instant feel good when sending and receiving.


Take time for self-care. This can include drawing yourself a bath filled with your favorite bath oil, flowers from your garden, or giving yourself an at-home facial or hair spa.