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5 Ways to Take Care of Bleach Blonde Hair

Jul 07, 2022 | By Denise V.

5 Ways to Take Care of Bleach Blonde Hair

If you’ve decided to go blonde this 2021, then you should know that maintaining it is a full-on commitment. You may have had your blonde inspo look from Emma Roberts to Karlie Kloss, and now you’ve finally decided to get that look – congrats girl, you’ve done it!

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But what’s the next step after getting your hair bleached? What are some tips you needed to make sure you maintain that soft and shiny strands for a longer time. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown on ways on how to take care of your amazing bleach blonde hair. Read along!

1. Get a trim

This is the number one tip you should do within a week after bleach blonding your hair. Some salon experts said that getting a trim should be every eight weeks or so afterward to prevent the damage working its way up the strand.

2. Avoid heat styling

Bleaching your hair comes with a cost, ladies. Bleach works to break apart your hair proteins to remove color. After the bleach washes out, your hair strands are left lighter and prone to breakage. Since your hair strands are weaker, avoid heat styling and cut back on other hair styling tools for a week.

After a week, still keep styling to a minimum, say once or twice a week. You can use hair styling tools that have the proper heat settings, top safety features, and made from top-quality materials to protect your hair from being too damaged and make styling much easier. We highly suggest you try other hairstyling techniques that don’t involve heat styling tools. You can also replace tight elastic or traditional hair tie to a scrunchie to prevent tugging or pulling your fragile hair.

3. Finish off your wash with a cool water

Use a cool or lukewarm water to cap off your shower. According to experts, steam/hot water from your shower may open up your hair cuticle and cause further damage to your hair strands. On the other hand, using cool water can help seal in the moisture your hair need to prevent further breakage and damage.

4. Apply hair mask

Deep conditioning the hair is one way to prevent your bleach blonde hair from getting any damage. If you’re feeling creative, then try creating a DIY hair mask at home. If you’re already experiencing some dryness in your hair, continue applying a hair mask two or three times a week until your hair’s condition begins to improve.

5. Use shampoo and conditioners that are free of sulfates

Your newly bleached hair is more vulnerable than ever. Choosing shampoos and conditioners that are free from sulphate can help prevent the hair from stripping the moisture and dry out the hair. If your hair has started falling out after bleaching your hair, we recommend you try massaging your scalp everytime you wash your hair for proper circulation. Take note that bleach can irritate the skin on your scalp and cause redness, dry scalp, and flaking – so try safer alternatives and hair products that deals with this kind of problems.

Now, you can also try investing in a silk pillowcase as silk reduces friction. Hydrate and drink plenty of water to give moisture to your hair. For more articles like this, keep it locked here on our website and follow our official Facebook page and Instagram account. Have a happy #hairday ladies!