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5 Hacks To Getting Rid Of Frizzy Hair

Jul 07, 2022 | By Justine Ses

5 Hacks To Getting Rid Of Frizzy Hair

You might be familiar with frizz and what it looks like, but understanding what exactly causes it is vital when trying to prevent and tame it.

What causes frizz?

Frizz occurs when the hair's outermost cuticle layer is open and exposed to humidity. When your dry locks seek moisture, the outermost layer of each strand or the cuticle opens to try to get it from the air, and the result is frizzy-looking hair.

Here are some tips to avoid frizziness:

1. Choose the right shampoo.

Shampoos with sulfates strip and dehydrate your strands, which is the opposite of what you want when looking to maintain moisture. Hair Mayraki's Silky Smooth Proactive Hair Repairing Treatment helps combat frizz by penetrating the hair shaft and hydrating it from the inside out. With a single usage, you can visibly notice the improvement in the appearance and feel of the hair.

2. Never skip the conditioner.

Treating your hair is all about depositing moisture in your hair, or else the cuticle will open up to let moisture from the air in, causing your hair from smooth to frizzy.

3. Turn down the heat.

Heat—whether caused by hot tools or a steamy shower—can dehydrate our hair. Keep the water in your shower lukewarm and save the hot tools and the blow-dryer for special occasions. If you must blow-dry, keep your blow-dryer at the lowest setting, always point down in the direction of the hair shaft, and finish with a little oil to keep things smooth!

4. Let your hair dry 90% of the way before you blow-dry.

As mentioned on #4, too much hot air focused directly on your strands dehydrates it, making it frizzy. Better let your hair air dry 90% of the way first.

5. Invest in a good quality hairbrush.

Did you know that the best way to distribute the natural oils through the hair shaft is by investing in a good quality hairbrush? Hanging your head upside down and brushing your hair with Mayraki Wooden Paddle Brush helps distribute the oils from your scalp/roots onto the rest of your hair, keeping your hair hydrated and helping to block out humidity. It's gentle on hair and relaxes your scalp like no other. Features extended bristles for easy detangling without causing static.