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2 Ways to Style Naturally Wavy Hair Heat-Free

Jul 07, 2022 | By Maria Eliza Pineda

2 Ways to Style Naturally Wavy Hair Heat-Free

Naturally wavy hair is a criminally underrated hair type. There isn’t as much info out there on how to go about styling wavy hair and how to enhance it. Your natural waves can be just as gorgeous as heat-styled waves! And you won’t be damaging your precious locks in the process. We’ve got two of the most popular wavy hairstyles that you can achieve completely heat-free and the most convenient ways possible as tested by one of our hair experts.

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Glamorous Big Waves

Courtesy of Pinterest

Pre-Poo Treatment

We recommend a pre-shampoo treatment that will nourish and moisturize your hair so you won’t have to use conditioner after shampooing. Put a generous amount of hair oil onto the hair strands and apply excess to your roots. Leave this on for a few hours or overnight to let it absorb. We recommend going the overnight route for maximum nourishment and convenience!

Sulfate-Free, Volumizing Shampoo

Once you’re done with your pre-poo, shampoo the hair with a sulfate-free, volumizing shampoo. Concentrate this on the roots where it can get oily. Let the residual suds wash off your ends as you rinse the shampoo out.


Brush hair while still wet with a detangling brush. Start brushing your ends and work your way up slowly for quick and painless detangling.

Boar Bristle Brush

Once your hair is free of knots, run a boar bristle brush through your locks to separate the hair strands even more. This will create a better effect for the big waves.

Brush Coiling

Part your hair as desired then section your hair into two sections on either side of your shoulders (like pigtails). Take one side and part it into two to four sections depending on how big you want your waves to be. The less sections you have, the bigger the curls are. Do the same on the other side.

Start brush coiling by taking one of your sections and running a brush through it. Stop before you get to the end of your hair and twirl your brush. Once your hair is twisted tight enough, let the brush go down the ends of your hair. You should have a perfect ringlet. Take the palm of your hand and place the end of your ringlet, scrunch the hair from end to root. Do this with the rest of the sections.


Scrunch in some mousse to seal in the definition of those ringlets and keep the hair bouncy.


Blow dry your hair on the cool setting and use a diffuser to prevent frizz. Do not scrunch your hair or separate your ringlet. Let it dry as is.


Once 90% to completely dry, you can separate your waves as desired and apply some oil to your strands for added shine and nourishment.

Voluminous Textured Waves

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Pre-Poo Treatment

Start again with a pre-poo treatment. Apply hair oil to your strands and roots, leave overnight or for at least one hour.

Sulfate-Free Volumizing Shampoo

Cleanse the roots with a sulfate-free, volumizing shampoo and rinse.


Detangle the hair while still wet using the method mentioned earlier, starting from the ends to the roots. Make sure all the knots are out.

Upside Down Brushing

Once completely detangled, bend over and brush the hair upside down. This will create lots of volume.

Upside Down Scrunch

Don’t stand up straight yet! Once hair has been brushed upside down, scrunch to create some beachy waves.


While still upside down, scrunch in some mousse to preserve the definition.

Blow Drying with Volume

To keep the volume in your hair you can blow dry it upside down or you can sweep it off to one side, blow dry for a few minutes and sweep it off to the other side to blow dry for another couple of minutes. Do this until the hair is almost completely dry.


Once hair is 90% dry, apply some lightweight oil like argan oil to the ends for added shine.