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What Are Microbangs: All You Need to Know

May 30, 2024 | By Maria

What Are Microbangs: All You Need to Know

Microbangs or what also can be known as baby bangs are a bold, statement hairstyle that has been making the rounds in chic, fashion-forward circles. Microbangs are characterized by being much shorter than your average bangs, ending above the eyebrows and even going shorter. It’s an incredibly edgy look that adds modernity to an average hairstyle. If you want to go for an adventurous new style, microbangs are great to experiment with and can suit a lot of different face shapes and looks depending on the length and cut.

If you’re considering microbangs, here’s what you need to know:

Who can wear micro bangs?

Microbangs are a versatile hairstyle despite what you might think. Because you can play around a lot with the style and the length. You can go with super short microbangs, medium-length microbangs, long hair in the back, a layered haircut, straight haircut, etc.

Oval and round face shapes

20 Ways to Try Baby Bangs That Are Actually Wearable

For oval and round face shapes straight-across microbangs are the most flattering. You can go very short or opt for some medium-length microbangs with a short, straight haircut. This will frame round and oval faces nicely.

Square and diamond face shapes

Edgy Goth Hairstyle with Microbangs

For square and diamond face shapes, side-swept microbangs with soft layers will give jawline less emphasis and frame the face better. You can go for short layers or long layers for this depending if you’d like to keep your length or go for a cuter, more youthful look with shorter locks in the back.

How to style micro bangs

Microbangs can be styled in a lot of different ways. You can wear them straight across for a chic and modern look, you can wear them side-swept for a more elegant and youthful approach a-la Daphne from Bridgerton, you can part them in the middle, or you can even lay them like edges and do swoopy patterns for a trendy, glamorous look.

Pros and cons of micro bangs


Edgy and stylish

Anyone with microbangs is definitely an automatic standout from the crowd. This isn’t an average hairstyle that you will see on a lot of people when you go out. It takes a lot of confidence and a certain passion for bold style to commit to this hair. If you want to make a strong impression just by using your hair, this definitely is the hairstyle for you.

Can flatter a variety of face shapes

Microbangs flatter a lot of face shapes. You can play around with different cuts and it’s a whole new look altogether. It’s very popular in the high fashion and modeling industry because it frames the face, catches the eye, and emphasizes naturally beautiful facial features.

Relatively easy to maintain

Microbangs are a bit easier to maintain than regular bangs because they require a lot less trimming. Regular bangs can grow out pretty fast and start covering your eyes or get really irritating. Microbangs have a bit more room to grow out. You won’t have to get trims so often and if they do grow out a lot, they can be styled just like regular bangs!


Requires a commitment

One thing to note is that microbangs last a long time. If you think growing out normal bangs takes ages, microbangs take even longer. It requires a certain type of commitment to opt for this hairstyle so if you are considering it, make sure that you plan on keeping it for a long time. Because, really, you won’t have a choice.

Might not be a wash and wear look

If you’re really lucky, you might be one of those people who wake up with perfect hair. However, that’s not the case for most of the population. Microbangs especially may take a bit more styling than the rest of your hair for you to get the look you’re going for. Be ready to blow dry your bangs every day and use some kind of styling product to keep them in place.

Not for everyone

Microbangs make a hell of an impression, however, that might not be for everyone. Some people prefer a less edgy and more classic look rather than a bold and edgy one. If you want to try it out and see if you like microbangs, start with some clip-in extensions or a wig to see if you would want to rock it for a long time. If not, stick with the clip-ins and wigs to change up your look from time to time because once you cut your microbangs there’s no going back.

Alternatives to micro bangsCheat

Megan Fox Wore A Micro-Fringe To The Met Gala 2021 | Glamour UK

You don’t have to cut microbangs right away if you want to see what it looks like on you. You can start with clip-in bangs, a wig, or some strategic placements of bobby pins and side-sweeping to style the front of your fringe to make it look like microbangs.

Curtain bangs

Sabrina Carpenter - Singer, Actress

If you want to get the bangs look but don’t want to commit to microbangs or normal bangs, you can go for curtain bangs. This is quite a glamorous and feminine take on bangs so if that’s more your style, you can opt for some longer, face framing locks a-la Sabrina Carpenter or Bridget Bardot.

Normal bangs

Zooey Deschanel - Wikipedia

If you want to go halfway and see if you want the bangs life but can’t quite commit to microbangs yet, you can go for some normal bangs that graze just underneath your eyebrows. Get used to having bangs and learn how to style them. If you decide you really want the microbangs, take the plunge!

Bold and Chic

Microbangs offer a daring and fashionable hairstyle option that can dramatically transform your look. While they bring a unique edge and can accentuate your facial features, it's essential to consider your face shape, hair type, and personal style before taking the plunge. The commitment to maintaining their length and the potential awkward phase during the grow-out period are important factors to weigh. However, for those willing to embrace the boldness and chic appeal of microbangs, they can be a striking addition that sets you apart and keeps you at the forefront of current hair trends.