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Ultimate Guide in Understanding Hair Growth

Mar 24, 2023 | By Maria

Ultimate Guide in Understanding Hair Growth

The Ultimate Guide on Hair Growth: Everything You Need to Know for Healthy Hair Growth

Hair has been a part of grooming and presenting oneself for the longest time. It’s also a good indication of overall wellbeing and health. Having thick, luscious, shiny hair is something that is universally desirable for anyone who is growing out the hair on their head.

In this article, we'll dive into:

  1. Understanding Hair Growth
  2. How to Promote Hair Growth
  3. What are the Common Myths About Hair Growth
  4. Types of Hair Growth in Different Populations
  5. When to Seek Professional Help
  6. Treatment Options For Hair Loss

Thinning hair can be an indication of several things: stress, lack of nutrition, genetics, poor hair care, or some underlying health issue. It’s important to observe the normal rate your hair grows at and note if there are any sudden changes. If hair growth suddenly slows and results in significant hair loss and thinning, it can mean that you need to change something in your lifestyle. Getting to the root of things will be the best thing to do to determine what you need to subtract or incorporate in your lifestyle.

incorporate in your lifestyle

Having healthy, thick, shiny strands is an indication that your hair is getting the nutrition it needs. It’s also a way of making a good impression around other people. For the longest time, hair has been included in style, fashion, and grooming. Having nice hair can make the impression that you are put-together, well-groomed, clean, and healthy. This can help with both your professional life and personal life.

So, how can you make sure that your hair keeps growing at a healthy rate? There are a few things that you need to understand first so we can get to the solutions that address any issues you may be having. We’ll guide you through the anatomy and stages of hair growth, how you can promote hair growth, common myths, hair growth for different ethnicities, sexes, and ages, and when you need to seek professional help.

Understanding Hair Growth

Understanding Hair Growth

Anatomy of Hair

Hair is made up of a material called keratin. This is a protein that also makes up the outer layer of your skin and your nails. There are many different parts that make up the anatomy of your hair but to understand how hair growth works, there are 6 main parts that you need to know about.

Hair dermal papilla

The first part is at the very root of the hair, inside the scalp. This is called the hair dermal papilla. This is where the very beginning stages of hair growth occurs. The papilla stimulates and works hand-in-hand with the bulb to produce the hair shaft

Hair bulb

The hair dermal papilla stimulates hair growth at the bulb of the hair where living cells divide and make up the hair shaft. It also serves as the base of the hair and keeps it on your head until the growth cycle naturally comes to an end.

Hair shaft

The hair shaft is the visible and exposed part of the hair that grows out of the scalp. This is what makes up the majority of your hair.

Hair cuticle

The hair cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair shaft.This is the layer that protects the inner layers of the hair and what typically needs to be strengthened in order to keep the hair strong, healthy, and shiny. Once the cuticle gets damaged, hair can easily break off.

Hair cortex

The cortex is the second and thickest layer of hair. The cuticle should be protecting the cortex to prevent breakage. This is also where the hair’s natural pigment is. That’s why typical permanent hair dyes absorb into the cortex to alter the hair’s color or deposit artificial pigments.

Hair medulla

This is the innermost layer of the hair and the most fragile part.

Stages of Hair Growth