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Top 7 Short Hairstyles You Can Try

Feb 11, 2021 | By Maria Eliza Pineda

Top 7 Short Hairstyles You Can Try

Thinking of taking the plunge and getting the big chop for your hair? Go for it! Here are some ideas and inspiration for short hairstyles that you can go for.

There comes a time in our life when having the same long hair gets boring and you start itching for something new, a big change. Hair is a big part of how we express ourselves. We dye it, cut it, and style it to our hearts desire to be able to have an extension of our personality. Going short can be a big step especially if you’re coming from having long hair for a long while. It’s a big change, but sometimes, it’s just what you need to freshen up your look, try something bold and different, and even make into a cathartic process if you’re going through some big changes in your life.

Hair can be a security blanket for a lot of people, so going short can be sort of scary. But let me tell you about some pros of having a short hairstyle. You’ll have less hair to deal with, so wash days are going to be a lot easier. You’ll be using fewer products to maintain your hair and therefore, spend less money. You’ll be cutting off a good chunk of your ends which will make your hair so much healthier and manageable. Last but not least, you’ll feel so much lighter and cooler when you get rid of those long tresses.

Now that your mind's made up, let’s decide what kind of short hairstyle you would want and would suit your features and lifestyle the best. Here are some of the best hairstyles for short hair that you can use as inspo for your big chop style.

1. Long Bob

A long bob is kind of the low commitment option for short hairstyles. This style is incredibly easy to rock and it’s not going to be a super drastic change from your long hair. A long bob is super flattering on any face shape and really easy to maintain. Anyone can get this cut and look great with it. It’s a big trend amongst celebrities and in the last few years. And it’s not going to be obsolete any time soon.

This hairstyle has quickly become a staple go-to. Great for those who are cutting their hair short for the first time. You can get used to having a shorter length like this without having to chop it quite so short just yet. If you decide that you want to go shorter, you can easily chop a little more off once you’re ready.

2. Standard Blunt Bob

When you think of a bob, the first thing that will probably come to mind is the classic, sleek, standard bob. This is another short hairstyle that will never fade and go out of style. If you’re looking to make a bigger change and go for something a little more mature and bold but still staying in the realm of safety, a standard bob would be a great choice for you.

A standard bob is particularly flattering for those with oval, round, or heart-shaped faces. The length is long enough (ending a few inches below the jawline) to flatter a small jaw and shorter face and forehead. If you have more of a square or pear-shaped face with a bigger jawline, you may want to style your bob with some waves and texture to frame your face better.

3. Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob is a bit of a bolder choice than your standard bob. It is something that you should go for if you’re looking to have a more standout, daring look. Suits best for creating a more mature yet still fresh and stylish aura with longer pieces at the front gradually getting shorter in the back. Different, but a beautiful style.

An asymmetrical bob suits those with a square or pear-shaped face. The longer pieces in the front and tapered cut help soften and frame your jawline. If you want something a little more suited for your face shape than a trash look of a bob while putting a more modern twist that will also flatter your face shape. Additional bob but with a similar look, the asymmetrical bob will be the best choice for you.

4. Bob with a Bang

A great way of changing up your bob is to add some bangs into the mix. It completely changes up the look and gives you a more chic, sophisticated vibe. You can opt to have your bangs longer or shorter depending on your preference. Longer bangs can frame your face a little better while shorter bangs that end higher up on your forehead can give you a bolder look.

A bob with bangs is great for those with a heart or oblong-shaped face. Shorter bangs will elongate and frame a heart-shaped face a little better while longer bangs will cover a bigger forehead and flatter a longer face.

5. Short Bob

The mod era is making its comeback in fashion lately, so why not bring back hair trends from back then, too? A short bob is a style that is a few inches shorter than your standard bob haircuts. The hair usually comes to just right around your cheek. A great hairstyle to give off cute vintage vibes.

A short bob is known to enhance a face’s eyes, nose, and lips, giving off a cute pixie-like vibe. This big chop haircut suits those with oval, heart, and round-shaped faces as it gives your features a chance to stand out even more.

6. Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is another versatile option for a big chop. This hairstyle can be both spunky and daring but also sweet and elegant depending on how you style it. With your fringe long and down, it can be a soft but sassy look. While pulling your fringe up will give off a more elegant and mature vibe. Having your fringe or bangs short will also give you a cuter, younger look.

As mentioned, pixie cuts are pretty versatile. Any face shape can rock this look with no problem: oval, square, heart, oblong, round, or pear.

7. Close Shave

Having your hair as a security blanket can feel limiting after a while. If you’re looking to do something really bold and come out of your shell, a close shave might be something that will change your life. Opening up your face to the world and wearing your hair loud and proud can be just the pick-me-up that you need.

A close shave is suited for any face shape, really. Because you are essentially showing off your entire head and face, there’s no illusion to make your face wider, smaller, or longer than it is. You’re simply you. This is a great style to wear especially for ladies with textured hair and black women. You can totally rock your naturally curly hair with grace and confidence.

The Perfect Big Chop Styles!

If you’re still a little undecided when it comes to getting a big chop, then take this as a sign to do it! Take the leap and go short. It’s time to stop hiding underneath your tresses and show off a new and fresh look to the world. Life is too short to stick to one hairstyle. Go short and try out something different and you might be surprised at how good it feels!