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Latest Trends in Korean Perms

May 10, 2024 | By Maria Eliza Pineda

Latest Trends in Korean Perms

Embrace Effortless Beauty with the Latest Trends in Korean Perms

When you think of perms, what often comes to mind are those big, frizzy curls from the 80s that do a lot of damage to the hair and leave it dry and crunchy. However, gone are the days when those are the only type of perms you can get AKA the tight, frizzy curls. A particular type of modern perm has surged in popularity in recent years: the Korean perm.

People have fallen in love with this perm because it’s not at all like the perms from way back when. A Korean perm is modern, soft, and chic. The technology for perms has gone a long way in terms of progress and Korean perms are one of the most lauded techniques because of its gorgeous results.

The Evolution of Korean Perms

The Evolution of Korean Perms

Korean perms started out like most perms back in the day. They were characterized by tight curls and voluminous hair that become damaged with the old perm formulations and turn out kind of frizzy and dry. However, Korean perms have evolved and undergone an extreme transformation to keep up with modern preferences for hairstyles.

Instead of the tight, frizzy curls from before, Korean perms have relaxed to bigger, softer waves that frame the face and produce more of a blowout effect rather than defined ringlets. This type of perm allows for more versatility, a healthier finish, and more manageable tresses. Depending on your preference, Korean perms can go from beachy waves to voluminous curls.

The Appeal of Korean Perms in Today's Beauty Scene

In previous decades, the bigger the hair, the better! Hairspray, pomades, and other hair volumizing tools were used just to make the hair big and fluffy. Of course, this is also helped by getting a perm with tight curls. Today’s beauty scene looks quite different. We all still want voluminous locks but in a different, more understated way.

The Appeal of Korean Perms in Today's Beauty Scene

People love Korean perms because they give straight hair volume by forming luscious waves without appearing frizzy or dry. This makes it a lot less high-maintenance than traditional perms that need a lot of styling and hair products. It’s a truly wash-and-go style that gives subtle but effortless elegance.

Achieving the Perfect Korean Perm

Choosing the right style of Korean perm is important to achieve the desired look. Hair type and face shape should be considered when consulting with a professional hairstylist. Whether choosing loose waves or defined spiral curls, collaborating with a skilled stylist ensures that the perm suits the individual's features and personal style. Additionally, maintaining open communication with the stylist throughout the process allows for necessary adjustments to ensure the best result.

Maintaining Healthy Hair After a Korean Perm

While Korean perms seem a lot less damaging and are a convenient styling solution that helps you avoid heat, it is still a perm and it still causes some form of damage to the hair. It’s essential to restore the hair’s health and maintain a good hair care routine. This will also help you keep your perm for longer.

Maintaining Healthy Hair After a Korean Perm

Choose products that help you maintain your curls or waves. Hydrating shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks will help keep your hair soft and silky. To help restore the strength of your hair, choose hair care products that contain protein or keratin.

Since you already have a style permed into your hair, it will be much easier to avoid heat styling so avoid hot tools as much as possible. When drying your hair, use the cool setting on your hair dryer.

Addressing Common Concerns About Korean Perms

Despite their growing popularity, some individuals may have reservations about getting a Korean perm. Common concerns include the fear of hair damage or the misconception that perms require extensive upkeep. However, with advancements in perm technology and proper maintenance techniques, Korean perms are gentler on the hair and easier to maintain than ever before. By addressing these concerns and providing practical tips for care and maintenance, individuals can feel confident in their decision to embrace a Korean perm.

However, do note that just like any chemical hair process, Korean perms cause some damage to the hair. Much like traditional keratin treatments, straightening treatments, etc. But fear not, unless your hair is already very damaged, you will be able to take it. All you need are products that will help you restore your hair’s health.

Embracing Self-Expression Through Hair

Hair has always been a part of self-expression and culture. Expression through hair dates back centuries and it makes sense that we still have this ingrained in our society nowadays. Hair is an important part of grooming and a lot of people take pride in it.

Korean perms are just another way someone can express style through hair. It’s also a way to boost confidence and achieve your desired look without having to put in a lot of effort daily. And not to worry, even though it’s called a perm, hair will always grow back. If you want to go back to your natural texture, just let your hair grow out!

Say Anneyeong to Your New Hair!

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to try a Korean perm, then we say fighting! Korean perms stand out as one of the most versatile and effortless styling options for hair. It’s low-maintenance and will give you a polished yet still voluminous look. Now that you know the ins-and-outs of a Korean perm, consult a professional hair stylist to find out what will suit you, enhance your natural beauty, and match your unique style.