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How You Can Rock Your Pink Hair

Jun 16, 2021 | By Denise V.

How You Can Rock Your Pink Hair

It’s 2021, yet not many ladies can pull off such as daring, bold, and vibrant pink hair. If you feel that this color could create a statement for you – say a fresh start, then do it. If you haven’t decided yet which shade of pink - pastel bubble gum or deep or purple-hued pink, try playing first with an app so you can mix and match your skin tone and facial features.

However, maintaining such pretty hair color and choosing the right outfit can be challenging, but with the right tips, you’re good to go. Check out how you can rock your pink hair, and how to take care of it. Read along!

Choose a monotone outfit

You want your hair to stand out for this part – so trying wearing either plain white, plain black, or both colors when going out. You’re sure to be a head-turner! Plus! It takes less energy to get something monotone on your wardrobe, right?

Do some fancy braids

Don’t limit yourself by just clipping it and just putting your hair down. Try different braids! There are also lots of YouTube tutorials you can check out if you’re a beginner. If you’re not into braids, you can also put your pink hair in a bun. Since you need your hair to rest from the heavy bleaching, try your best to avoid using heat styling tools – which makes bun a great alternative to creating amazing curls if you have a medium to long-length hair.


Imagine you’re going for a grocery run. Would it look good if you would wear a cap or a beanie, right? You can also try putting on some barretts or clips if you’d wear a dress. Stay creative!

Heavily bleached and dyed hair can lead to split ends, and worse can cause hair dryness and brittleness if not maintained correctly. Avoid using shampoo/s with no sulfate and paraben content, and cap off your bath with a deep conditioner to hydrate your hair.

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