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How to Cut a Shag Haircut at Home

Jul 21, 2022 | By Maria Eliza Pineda

How to Cut a Shag Haircut at Home

The one-minute mullet has taken over TikTok. Whether or not you even have the app, you’ve probably seen compilations and people just trying out this trend on every other social media platform. The trend consists of putting the hair into a very high ponytail at the top of the head and cutting the ends off to produce severe layers that give off a shaggy, choppy look.

The modern shag is the hottest haircut of 2021 so it’s no wonder that people are looking for easy ways to do it themselves at home. This trend is pretty much the easiest and quickest way to do it! It’s called the one-minute mullet for a reason. But the question is, is it a foolproof way to do it? Well, not exactly. This challenge can turn out gorgeous and it can also turn out disastrous. Because of the haphazard method of doing it, this cut can turn out different for everyone and not every hair type is going to look good with this particular way of cutting.

What is a shag haircut?

But first, what is a shag haircut? It’s basically some choppy layers that get shorter and shorter as you get to the top section of the hair and the face area. Some people like it quite severe and punky-looking, cutting the layers super short, and creating more of a mullet look. While some people like a more modern shag that has the same short layers but more seamlessly blended into the hair, creating a softer look.

Why are people going loco over this new-old trend?

The "mullet" or shag isn't a new style and was quite popular in the 70s. As with all things vintage, this style has come back in a big way. To be fair, layers have always been on-trend, this is just a more drastic way to wear them. People have been loving a more effortless and natural look lately, a big contrast to the 2010's glam we all went crazy over. Gone are the flawlessly beat faces and thick extensions. The wispy, choppy layers are back in, and for good reason! This cut is amazing for those looking for more volume and dimension in their hair. It's especially suited for those with a naturally wavy texture.


Use hair cutting scissors

This might be obvious but it’s surprisingly the most common mistake that people make. Remember to always use hair cutting scissors when cutting hair. This type of scissors are specially made to be super sharp, thin, and cut the hair more effectively and it’s the only thing you should be using to cut your hair. Other instruments and types of scissors are way too blunt and thick to cut hair nicely. It’ll be way harder for you in the end and it damages the hair.

Section the hair properly

Another common mistake that everyone makes is that they don’t section the hair out before cutting. Even just basic sectioning is okay so long as you have that separation between your hairs that makes sense. 5 sections is a great way to start. Two at the sides, one at the top, one at the back of the head, and the bangs section. Make sure to keep the lines straight and tie them off properly when you’re cutting so that they don’t start mixing with each other.

Cut sparingly

Always cut less than what you would like at first. Do this especially with the bangs area. It’s very easy to cut pieces way too short and when that happens, there’s really no reversing it. So, make sure to cut sparingly and carefully.

Point cut

Point cutting can sound fancy and kind of scary. Because people usually associate this kind of cutting with professionals but don’t be afraid! It’s pretty easy to do, just literally take the point of your scissors and instead of cutting sideways, use the very tip to cut your hair. This produces a gentler, more tapered cut that blends your layers better.


Use kitchen or craft scissors

People have the notion that any kind of scissors is okay to cut your hair. This is a big no-no! Kitchen or craft scissors are made to cut plastic, paper, and all kinds of things that are very much not hair. This means that they get blunt easily and have super thick blades. These sort of blades are not at all suitable for hair and can cause major split ends and chunkiness. Stay away from the kitchen and craft scissors, there are tons of affordable hair cutting scissors so don’t worry about breaking the bank.

Cut chunks without a method

People have the misconception that it’s easier to cut hair at home without sectioning the hair. Don’t do this! Your cut turns out more consistent when you section hair. It’s also way easier and quicker. Don’t just cut chunks off and wing it.

Overdo it

Remember the motto: you can always cut more but not less! Don’t cut long and thick all at once. Do it gradually so you have more control over the length and outcome. You’ll be able to shape it more to your liking as you go along as well.

Cut straight

Most people will use scissors with a sideways cutting motion. But if you’re cutting hair at home, you are way better off doing point cutting. This means using just the very tip of the scissors to cut through the hair. Blunt cutting will produce thick chunks that won’t look good with your layers.

See this video here:

The Foolproof Method

Let’s go through a step-by-step method on how you can cut a shag at home easily and the foolproof way:

1. Section the hair into five pieces. Take a triangle from the front of your hair (the bangs), one section at the top of the head, one section at each side of the head above the ears, and one section at the back of the head. Make sure that the partings are straight and form a square shape (except for the bangs area).

2. Cut your curtain bangs by splitting your triangle section in the middle. Over direct one side to the other and stretch the hair (imagine making a cross with your hair). Now point cut one side while keeping it crossed to the opposite side. Remember to cut sparingly. Cut until you’re satisfied with the length and look and do the other side the same way.

3. Using your bangs as a guide, do the sides of your hair next. Take a piece of your side section and align it with the shortest part of your bangs, over directing all the hair forward. Point cut this piece until it’s the same length as the bangs. Do this until you’ve cut all the side sections.

4. Once you’re done with the sides, move on to the crown of the head. This time, instead of over directing the hair forward, stretch it upwards. Using the same technique, align the crown pieces with the bangs, stretching the hair straight up, and point cut until every piece is the same length as the bangs.

5. Last part! Take a section at your crown that’s already been cut and align your back pieces with that piece. Stretch the hair upwards again and cut until the back section is the same length as your guide piece from the crown.

6. Do some finishing touches like thinning and neatening up and you’re done! It might sound like a lot but we promise it’s easy once you start doing it!

How to Fix a Bad Shag Cut

Fortunately, shags are not that hard to do and not that hard to fix either. If you find that it's too harsh or the layers aren't looking right, you can just freehand and trim sections to make them blend better. Remember to always point the scissors down when doing this or just point cut to make sure the ends stay wispy and tapered.