Mayraki Gray Coverage Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo

Gray Coverage Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo (500 ml/16.90 fl.oz)


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Coloring your hair creates the best version of you. It either gives an impression of having thicker hair, covers gray hair, or basically just for a creative reason.

While others shed money on professional hair coloring treatment every three or six months, we made a perfect alternative to color your hair without going to a salon.

Introducing, Mayraki Gray Coverage Permanent Hair Color Dye Shampoo – a hair product that does everything in one go. It’s a combination of a shampoo and a hair coloring treatment in one. Made from natural essences that effectively color the hair while smoothing it at the same time. No need for a brush and bowl. Just lather it in your hair, wait for 40 minutes, then rinse.

Mayraki Coconut & Argan Oil Color Shampoo is a permanent shampoo-type hair dye that delivers beautiful, evenly colored hair with its non-drip, conditioning formula. It's specifically designed to offer color and treatment to hair in a reduced leave-in time of just 40 minutes.

How to Use

Before using the product, carefully read instructions and follow warnings for use shown on the package and the leaflet. Do not mix with other hair dyes. Do not exceed the recommended leave-in time. 

1. Wet your hair and wipe off the water on the hair. (Dry hair is also suitable) 

2. Wear plastic gloves (provided inside the box) before opening Hair shampoo.

3. Use the Hair Shampoo and apply on hair.

4.Massage hair well for 25-35 minutes until the shampoo is evenly spread out on the scalp. (For leather black color, it just requires 10-15 mins for a rapid hair dye). 

5. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


  • Try the product on a small area of the skin (we recommend behind your ears) before using
  • In case of contact with the eyes, flush your eyes with clean water without rubbing
  • Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool temperature, and keep out of reach of children
  • If your scalp has scars, swelling, eczema, and other abnormalities, please discontinue use


Hot roots is a term used by hair stylists to explain the condition brought about by applying an artificial pigment to the hair, whereby the roots (the sections of the hair follicles closest to the scalp) are noticeably warmer in color (more red/orange) than the ends of the hair.

This can happen for a few reasons, but the two most likely causes are explained below.

  1. Hot roots occur because the heat from your scalp causes the color at the roots to develop faster than the color on the mid-lengths or ends, so the color at the roots has a lighter colour than the rest of the hair. 
  2. Hot roots can also occur if we select a lighter color on our previously colored hair.

How do we prevent Hot Roots?

Tip #1: Keep your Color the same
Your roots color and color through the ends need to match for a smooth color, so avoid touching up with a Lighter, Warmer shade — it’s an instant guarantee for Hot Roots. Use the same Color on your regrowth roots that you used through your ends for one consistent Hair Color.

Tip #2: Flip your Application Routine
When we do hair coloring by using Mayraki Permanent hair dye, apply the from the ends to the lengths of your Hair first, avoiding your roots about 2-3cm, to allow the cooler parts of your Hair more time to process. Then go back and apply to your roots in the last, where the heat from your scalp will help with processing.

Tip #3: Apply evenly on the hair roots, leather thoroughly to avoid overloaded products on the roots.

Tip #4: Do not leave the products more than 40 mins on our hair.

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