How To Get Rid Of Dandruff And Keep Your Scalp Moisturized


"Dandruff can be embarrassing and sometimes even uncomfortable. When your scalp starts to flake, it can get all over your clothing, furniture, or even worse, into your or other’s food and space."




Natural Eye Makeup Brands For Every Day


"We all want pretty eyes every day, and we will do pretty much anything to get them. Some of us use contact lenses to change the colour of our eyes, while others get their brows microbladed. But one of the easiest ways to make your eyes beautiful is, of course, simply through makeup."




10 Springtime Hair Trends We Love


"I don’t know about you, but as soon as the sun starts to shine, I’m thinking of ways that I can reinvent my look. There’s something about the arrival of a new season that feels like the perfect time for a change. And what better way to boost your confidence than by swapping up your hairstyle?"




12 Healthy Products That You Need To Add To Your List


"I love discovering new healthy products. I admit that I get excited when the package person delivers a box of healthy products to my house or when I discover new allergy-friendly food that is dairy-free. I am like a kid in the candy store when I get to try fitness equipment or the newest flavor of vegan ice cream.

This month has been a busy month for me with reviewing healthy products. Since so many folks are focused on New Year resolutions that include healthy goals, the brands are wanting to send me products that are related to health and fitness. This month brought me plenty of emails to read and then I had to decide which new healthy products that I wanted to try. I am very selective when it comes to promoting products on Mom Knows Best as I want to give you the best mom advice. So I only choose products that fit my guidelines and view on health.

I have food allergies and asthma so I select items that are made with natural fragrances and with non-toxic ingredients. I also have to be careful with items like food and supplements since I am allergic to dairy, soy protein, and mushrooms. One bite of any of my food allergens can cause a severe asthma attack. I also try to follow a plant-based diet that is mostly vegan. I will eat eggs and fish once in a while so I am not 100% plant-based. I just like to eat meatless meals for the health benefits."





"St. Valentine’s Day 2021 will be different this year, with many of us still staying safe and opting to stay at home. Some of us ladies are organizing special virtual Galentine’s parties, while established couples can still create a romantic ambiance while homebound."



Regrow Brows and Lashes In Just 2 Weeks


"Natural eyebrow shedding or premature fall out due to stress, weight loss, or touching is one thing, but to regrow your brows and lashes when you’ve overplucked and over waxed them, ultimately “damaging the hair follicle”, according to Jason Lu, Mayraki Professional’s chief formulator is a job for Mayraki Lash and Brow Restoration Growth Solution. Whether due to natural causes or artificial reasons, your brows and lashes can recover. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, the Mayraki Lash & Brow Restoration Growth Solution makes lashes and brows longer, thicker and significantly increases by as much as 27 percent after just two weeks of use and up to 70 percent in just 38 days."



The Ultimate Self-Care Guide To Celebrating This Valentine’s Day


"This year’s Valentine’s Day will probably be the most unusual one in the last decade. Due to closed borders, many couples are finding themselves physically separated, and the restrictive measures in some states may limit celebrations to being held at home rather than a fancy restaurant. Mayraki Professional believes that for this year’s Valentine’s Day we need to focus on loving ourselves along with our loved ones, to restore and nourish our mental state after such a turbulent year."



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