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Coachella Hairstyles and Looks to Try this 2022

Apr 25, 2022

Coachella Hairstyles and Looks to Try this 2022

It’s Coachella season, everyone and we all know what this means. All things fashion and beauty are here to dominate for a year or more. Not only the performers, headliners, and the booths are the most talked about this year, but it’s how everyone enjoyed live music after two years of hiatus.

For now, let’s talk about the Coachella hairstyles that dominated Instagram, or TikTok rather. We’ve gathered here some interesting hairstyles you might want to try in the future, and now that live entertainment is back in full swing, this should give you an idea of which looks to try next.

Curls and more curls

Photo from Vanessa’s Instagram Account

The Queen of Coachella is back and is giving us a playful and 90s vibe with her blue butterfly top, and a sparkly chain mini dress over a cut-out mini suit on the other day. Most of her fans talked about she let down her naturally curly hair and then also topped it off with a hat during her day 1 attendance which makes her one of the trendsetters when it comes to a bohemian lifestyle. If you have curly hair, whether natural or permed, try prepping with an anti-hair loss shampoo or any sulfate-free shampoo to make sure your hair’s natural moisture is retained before styling it. You can also use a hair mask to achieve bouncy and manageable curls.

But of course, no outfit is ever complete for Vanessa without her neon nails, matte brown lipstick, hoop earrings, and a series of layered necklaces.

Bohemian braided hairstyles

Photo from

Braided hairstyles are not going anywhere – be it on a music festival or a formal occasion. There are lots of braided hairstyles to choose from – there’s the half-up woven braid for women who like to flaunt their hair length and a few beach waves. You can also try the knot braid, a combination of versions of doing up the hair and come up with a side-swept look.

To highlight one of the most loved braids recently is the baby braids or face-framing braids which most celebrities are also sporting. This Y2K hairstyle paired with a beach wave is easy to do, as these are the most basic steps when doing braids. Go and search baby braids and you’ll see a handful of selfies out there.


Photo from Pinterest / BuzzFeed

Kids at heart will definitely love wearing pigtails again. To perfectly cop off this look, make sure to tame your frizz and adds some shine to your hair by using a sulfate-free shampoo, followed by a conditioner, then a moisturizing oil to nourish the strands. This hairstyle is perfect for those who have naturally straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hair.

Hair Bun

Photo from Pinterest

Coachella is a celeb-studded event, and so hairstyles should be on point too! It’s also pretty amazing to see a lot of boho buns everywhere. It keeps the hair away from your face, and it’s so easy to do! Part your hair in the middle. To make your hair appear thick and volumized, tease your hair crown along with the large bun and lose a few strands for that unfinished and edgy look. You can also put on a bandana, clip, ribbon, or any hair accessories to put an accent on your overall look.

If you also want to have a different hair color for a change, try the hair dye shampoo available in seven colors. All it takes is 40 minutes for the color to set in.

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