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The Natural Anti-gray Hair Color Restore Treatment That Truly Works : A Complete Guide

Dec 19, 2022 | By Queenie

The Natural Anti-gray Hair Color Restore Treatment That Truly Works : A Complete Guide

The Mayraki Anti-Grey Hair Color Restoring Treatment is the first natural anti grey hair treatment that transforms your hair from the inside out, giving your hair the nourishment it needs to banish gray hair completely from your locks.Why Does Hair Turn Gray?

In humans, most gray hair is not related to stress. In fact, hair doesn’t actually "turn" gray at all. Once a hair follicle produces hair, the color is set. If a single strand of hair starts out brown (or red or black or blond), it is never going to change its color (unless you color your hair). Your hair follicles produce less color as they age, so when hair goes through its natural cycle of dying and being regenerated, it’s more likely to grow in as gray beginning after age 35. Genetics can play a role in when this starts.

As we get older, the pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually die. When there are fewer pigment cells in a hair follicle, that strand of hair will no longer contain as much melanin and will become a more transparent color — like gray, silver, or white — as it grows.

What Is Mayraki Anti-gray Hair Color Restoring Treatment?

The Mayraki Anti-Grey Hair Color Restoring Treatment is the first natural anti grey hair treatment that transforms your hair from the inside out, giving your hair the nourishment it needs to banish gray hair completely from your locks.

  • 100% Vegan – Made from sustainably sourced premium all-vegan ingredients. Excludes any harsh pigments or dyes.
  • Naturally Restores Color– Naturally restores the hair’s original color rather than cover up with artificial pigments.
  • Long-term Results – Visible and long-term results with recommended use. Works from the inside out to reverse and prevent gray hair.
  • No Sulfate | No Paraben | No Formaldehyde – Free of any harsh sulfates and parabens that may damage the hair.

What Does Organic Anti Grey Hair Treatment Do?

An anti-gray hair treatment that restores the hair’s natural color without the use of dyes and pigments. A safe, non-irritating, and long-term alternative to artificial root cover ups. The Mayraki Anti-Gray Hair Color Restoring Treatment uses the power of the latest hair care technology to restore gray or white hair to its original color and nourish the hair from within. The sulfate-free, paraben-free, and vegan formula ensures a non-irritating and gentle effect on the hair and scalp.

Mayraki’s patented active ingredient boosts melanin production at the bulb and helps stimulate the natural pigmentation of hair during regrowth. The hair is then re-pigmented and restored to its natural color. Safe for all types of hair, the formula also contains nourishing properties that moisturize the hair and make it appear and feel more youthful, shiny, and voluminous.

The Mayraki Natural Anti-Grey Hair Treatment is Perfect for you if:

  • You Hate Coloring Your Hair

Retouching gray hairs constantly can be such a chore. When you cover up your gray hairs with hair dye, you only have a short period of time before they grow back in again and you have to do another touch up with hair dye. Not only is this tedious and inconvenient, but it is also incredibly damaging to your hair.

  • Your Hair is Damaged and Unhealthy

Your hair takes a lot of damage that you don’t know about. The environment, friction, and physical damage are unavoidable factors that cause damage in your everyday life. Not to mention the damage that constant hair coloring does to your hair. If your locks feel and look damaged and unhealthy, it’s time to put some nourishment back into your routine.

  • You Want a Natural Way to Restore Your Hair to its Original Color

Sometimes, you just want your natural hair back! Just like your natural skin, it’s nice to just wake up and be confident about your natural features without having to put anything artificial over it or cover it up.

  • You Want a Long Term Vegan Solution to your Gray Hairs

Gray hairs can be super annoying to get rid of because they just keep coming back and they’re quite stubborn to cover up with typical hair dyes. They are something that your body produces because of chemical imbalances that happen as you get older. As with any biological phenomena, the long term, effective solution must always start from the inside out!

  • You Want a Formula That’s Safe for any Hair Type

Tons of hair dyes and other gray cover up products have harsh chemicals in them that could damage your scalp, hair and health. Choose the best products for gray hair that are made up of 100% safe, vegan ingredients for any hair type.

The Mayraki Anti-Grey Hair Color Restoring Treatment is the best anti grey hair treatment solution for all your gray hair woes. It is the first anti-gray formula that effectively reverses the depigmentation of hair and restores the original color of your locks.

Why Natural Anti-Grey Hair Treatment Works?

To get to the root of grey hair, it’s first important to understand the anatomy of hair. Each hair bulb has dermal papilla cells which determine the formation and life cycle of hair. Melanocytes on these cells produce and distribute melanin (a pigment that determines our natural hair color) which is then transferred to the keratinocytes that make up the cells in the hair shaft.

The greying process, also known as canities, is caused by the loss of hair color, which also means that the melanocytes are not producing as much melanin as before, therefore they are unable to transfer the melanin to the keratinocytes. When this happens, your hair appears to turn grey or white.

If you, like many, are not ready for the white or grey strands in your hair or beard, nor regular hair dye, then you’ll be seeking an easy solution to reverse grey hair which also restores the color and shine, without dye!

Based on the the journal of research, melanin synthesis in melanocyte or melanoma cells is mainly regulated by MC1R/MITF/tyrosinase-signaling pathway.

Mayraki anti-gray hair color restoring treatment contains Polygonum Multiflorum Root Extract and other patented active ingredients induced melanin synthesis in melanin-producing cells. It stimulated melanin synthesis through activation of plasma membrane receptors MC1R.

At the same time, the latest Mayraki’s patented technology stimulats and magnifies cell signaling between hair cells, pigment cells are activated to increase melanin production.

What Will Natural Anti-Grey Hair Treatment Brings To You?

With continued use of the Mayraki Anti Grey Hair Color Restoring Treatment, your gray hairs will start diminishing until you no longer have any visible hairs that aren’t your natural hair color. This means that you won’t have to keep dyeing your hair to cover up gray hairs. Less hassle and less damage!

  1. Less Damage, Healthy Hair.
  2. A Natural Way to Restore Your Hair Back to Its Original Color.
  3. An Effective, Long Term Natural Solution to Gray Hair.
  4. Nourishes Your Hair from the Inside Out.
  5. 100% Sustainably Sourced Vegan Ingredients.
  6. Safe for Home Use and Any Hair Type.
  • Less Damage, Healthy Hair

The damage that hair dye causes your hair is pretty significant and it can even be one of the main reasons why the gray hairs increase in number. Gray hairs appear when hair isn’t at its healthiest. Without the damage of constant hair coloring, your hair will immediately start feeling and looking much healthier. The Mayraki Anti Grey Hair Color Restoring Treatment is also formulated to not cause any additional damage to the hair even with continued use.

  • A Natural Way to Restore Your Hair Back to Its Original Color

The first ever anti-grey hair treatment, the Mayraki Anti-Grey Hair Color Restoring Treatment doesn’t cover up your gray hairs, it restores the natural color of your hair. Mayraki’s patented active ingredient induces melanin production at the bulb and helps stimulate the natural pigmentation of hair during regrowth. The hair is then re-pigmented and restored to its original shade.

  • An Effective, Long Term Natural Solution to Gray Hair

Once the hair naturally starts the process of melanin or pigment production, your gray hairs will start to disappear and eventually become no more! Unlike with artificial colors and dyes where you constantly have to touch up your roots because the gray hairs just keep growing in, the Mayraki Natural Anti Grey Hair Treatment will stop those pesky gray hairs from coming back.

  • Nourishes Your Hair from the Inside Out

Unlike typical hair dyes and artificial pigments where your hair gets damaged for the sake of aesthetics, the Mayraki Anti-Grey Hair Color Restoring Treatment will not cause any additional damage to your hair or make it unhealthy. In fact, this anti-grey hair treatment has nourishing properties that will even improve your hair’s overall health, making it soft, smooth, voluminous, and shiny.

  • 100% Sustainably Sourced Vegan Ingredients

The Mayraki Anti-Grey Hair Color Restoring Treatment is made from 100% vegan ingredients that are sustainably and locally sourced from their country of origin. This product supports the environment and local communities.

  • Safe for Home Use and Any Hair Type

Because it is made from 100% vegan ingredients, the Mayraki Anti-Grey Hair Color Restoring Treatment is safe to use at home and for any hair type. It excludes any harsh pigments, dyes, and any other toxic chemicals that could make it unsafe to use.

How to Use The Anti-Grey Hair Treatment?

The use of this product is designed to be as simple as it can be to make it incredibly easy for people at home to use it themselves. It does not require any fancy tools or techniques that only a professional can provide. The only things you need are your hands!

  1. Not a Hair Dye.
  2. Consistency Is Key.
  3. Resilience Pays Off.
  • Not a Hair Dye!

Unlike typical hair dyes or artificial pigments, the Mayraki Anti-Grey Hair Color Restoring Treatment requires a bit of time to work on your hair from the inside. This means that after one use, you won’t immediately see a massive difference. The treatment requires regular use for it to work its magic, which is why the application method is made to be as easy as possible.

Consistency Is Key

The Mayraki treatment is recommended for daily use for your initial run. It is applied as you would any leave-in product on mostly dry hair and styled as usual to go about your day. No need to rinse it out. You may apply after washing hair or even on unwashed hair.

After the initial period of 3-4 weeks of daily use, you will start to see the results of the treatment. Once it is apparent that your original hair color has been restored, you may stop using the treatment daily and only apply 1-2 times a week to maintain the nutritional supply to the hair.

  • Option 1 - After washing hair: Shampoo wash and towel dry. Apply a few pumps of Anti-Grey Hair Color Restoring Treatment onto your palm. Use your fingers to gently massage your scalp and evenly spread the treatment into your hair roots.
  • Option 2 - Without washing hair: Apply a few pumps of Anti-Grey Hair Color Restoring Treatment onto your palm. Use your fingers to gently massage your scalp and evenly spread the treatment into your hair roots.
  • Resilience Pays Off ! 

Voila! Your hair has been restored to its natural color. You won’t have to use any harsh hair colors and dyes ever again. The Mayraki Anti-Grey Hair Color Restoring Treatment will trigger the melanin production and pigmentation of the hair as it grows. This means no more gray hair regrowth and retouching, only the gorgeous natural color of your hair.

6 Natural Ingredients of Mayraki Organic Grey Hair Treatment

Do you look at the product labels before purchasing an item? It's important to know what chemicals are we using not just for our skin but also for our hair. The Mayraki Anti Grey Restoring Treatment includes components such as glyceryl stearate, propylene glycol, castor oil, polygonum multiflorum, biota orientalis leaf, carthamus tinctorius, and ligustrum lucidum extract, all of which are going to be covered in greater detail in the following sections of this article.

Get to know why Mayraki anti Grey Restoring Treatment is the safest product you can use to restore the color of your hair.

  • Glyceryl Stearate
  • Castor Oil
  • Polygonum Multiflorum
  • Biota Orientalis Leaf
  • Carthamus Tinctorius
  • Ligustrum Lucidum Extract

Glyceryl Stearate

Glyceryl stearate is a type of fatty acid that may be generated from a broad variety of different oils and vegetables. It is most commonly seen in cosmetics products. The palm kernel and the soybean are two examples of these sources. This ingredient is used in a significant amount of different products across the cosmetics sector.

It is one of the components that give our product its silky texture and helps to detangle and smooth the hair. Additionally, it contributes to building a protective barrier on the hair, which protects your locks from being damaged and the loss of moisture.

The liquid form of propylene glycol is odorless, colorless, and soluble in water. This synthetic substance begins with the hydration of propylene oxide, which is manufactured using oil and natural gas as its starting materials. Its function is to keep the hair from losing its natural moisture and slow the growth of bacteria, which contribute to the product's extended shelf life. It does this by acting as a barrier between the hair and the environment. Due to the presence of this component, we can enjoy combing our hair effortlessly.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a form of vegetable oil that human civilizations have utilized for at least hundreds of years, if not thousands. Castor oil is derived from castor beans. It can be extracted by pressing them till the oil is released. This oil is frequently used in various medicinal and pharmaceutical applications and in skincare and cosmetic products because of its healing capacity in multiple conditions. This helpful oil is claimed to have several uses, including the capability to fortify individual strands of hair, promote new hair growth, and nourish a dry scalp.

Polygonum Multiflorum

Polygonum multiflorum is a traditional Chinese medicine frequently used to stimulate new hair growth. It is also famous for its capacity to deepen the color of already-existing hair. The plant can darken the pigment in hair follicles. In addition, it is a component that has been used for thousands of years up until the current day. The polygonum multiflorum extract comes from natural plants and contains no chemical elements that may be considered hazardous. It also deeply nourishes the scalp, cures damage to the hair, and controls the production of oil from the roots of the hair, in addition to possessing properties that are for anti-grey.

Biota Orientalis Leaf

The leaf of Biota orientalis comes from an evergreen tree. It is also a natural substance used in China as a medical treatment. Studies have shown that it can inhibit the growth of bacteria, which is beneficial for hair regrowth. According to their research findings, those who used products containing biota orientalis leaf extract saw a regeneration of their hair cells. Healthy hair starts with the cells. This is why this plant is vital as a treatment for aging hair.

Carthamus Tinctorius

Saffron seed oil, also known as Carthamus tinctorius, has been used to treat various hair issues, including balding and hair loss. Conditioners, hair masks, and products designed for anti-grey hair all use this ingredient in their formulations. It is a naturally occurring component capable of penetrating the skin relatively quickly. It is also known to provide additional nutrients for the hair follicles by increasing blood circulation, and it creates a healthy environment for hair regeneration. In addition to these benefits, this ingredient guarantees that your tresses are nourished, hydrated, and strengthened.

Ligustrum Lucidum Extract

Extract of ligustrum lucidum, a Chinese medicinal plant, has been utilized in the skincare and cosmetics industry for a considerable amount of time, just like the other ingredients used in Mayraki's Anti Grey Restoring Treatment. Mayraki's Anti Grey Restoring Treatment is a proprietary formula that Mayraki developed to combat the effects of greying hair. Using ligustrum in the formulation makes it easier for the hair to return to its original color and brings back the pigmentation it had when it was originally growing out. This chemical has a lot of benefits, one of which is that it helps prevent the thinning of hair or loss of hair completely.

Let's Listen What They Say:

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There you have the 6 natural ingredients for organic grey hair treatment used in Mayraki products. Mayraki uses all-natural and organic components to address your concerns regarding the appearance of grey hair.

As a vegan company, we don't employ any non-vegan or environmentally unfriendly components in our products. Our treatments have a longer shelf life because we utilize organic and natural elements. It's also our way of contributing to the preservation of our environment by reducing our reliance on artificial chemicals that can harm our bodies and the environment.

If you have been using anti-grey shampoos full of chemicals, it's time to make the switch. Treat your hair better with a gentler yet effective anti-grey hair treatment. Use Mayraki's organic grey hair treatment that can restore your hair color and keep your locks healthy.