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How True Is It That Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Promotes Hair Growth?

Oct 06, 2022 | By Queenie

How True Is It That Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Promotes Hair Growth?

Since ancient times, the leaves of the Ginkgo biloba tree have been used as a medicinal herb to treat various illnesses, including cough, fever, diarrhea, and many more. But how does it benefit our hair?

Both men and women are susceptible to experiencing hair thinning and loss at some point in their lives. But don't fret! There are natural remedies that you can use on your hair. You can start by considering selecting a product made entirely from natural ingredients, such as ginkgo biloba leaf.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits that ginkgo biloba can provide for your hair and overall health. Also, whether or not it is true that ginkgo biloba leads to faster hair growth.

Importance of Ginkgo Biloba Extract Leaf Ingredient in a Hair Product

The relationship between the leaves of the ginkgo biloba tree and increased hair growth has been known for a long time. It was first demonstrated in a study conducted at the Massachusetts General Hospital. The researchers found a total increase in the volume of the hair by 70%, with the hair becoming thicker and more new growth occurring.

As a result of these findings, we can conclude that ginkgo biloba is an essential ingredient of any hair product because it contains active components, such as folic acid and vitamin B12, which promote the growth of new hair and reduce damage to existing hair as well as irritation of the scalp. However, ginkgo biloba’s benefits do not end with hair growth!

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf for Hair Growth

Ginkgo biloba is well known as one of the oldest living tree species. It has recently become a popular ingredient in herbal supplements used in traditional medicine to improve memory and alertness. Modern research indicates that Ginkgo biloba is both a vasodilator and an antioxidant.

Its vasodilator properties are thought to help reduce hair loss. The widening of blood vessels that supply hair follicles allows for a better supply of nutrients, thus improving follicle health.Ginkgo Biloba leaf for hair growth contains powerful antioxidants that benefit our bodies by encouraging new hair growth, decreasing inflammation, and improving overall hair condition. Ginkgo Biloba leaves also include amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that replenish damaged hair follicles and scalp cells while protecting the hair from toxins that can cause further damage.

Other Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba Tree Leaf

Improves the Condition of the Scalp

Gingko's vasodilator properties are thought to help reduce hair loss. The widening of blood vessels that supply the scalp and hair follicles allows for a better supply of nutrients, thus improving follicle performance. When your hair follicles don't get enough blood, they can't stay in the growth phase of the hair cycle as long as they should. As a result, the hair does not grow as long or thick as it did during the previous process.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress-related Hair Loss

Our hair weakens and falls out due to stress, anxiety, or drastic lifestyle changes. A sedentary lifestyle, air pollution, and a sugar-rich diet can contribute to poor circulation, in which our blood vessel network cannot deliver vital nutrients to every body cell. Hair follicles are the first to show it. Not only is ginkgo biloba a leaf for hair growth, but it can also help reduce its harmful effects and improve our bodies' response.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Ginkgo can cause mild vasodilation of blood vessels, lowering arterial pressure in the vessels and the heart. As a result, people who take ginkgo may experience a slight reduction in blood pressure, particularly those with a history of hypertension. Ginkgo may help to prevent blood clots in addition to lowering blood pressure. This reduces stress within the heart, allowing it to function more efficiently. Because there is a lower risk of clot formation, there is also a lower risk of heart attack.

Organic Hair Product with Ginkgo Biloba Leaf

Compared to other chemically infused hair products, Mayraki's Silky Smooth Hair Repairing Treatment's natural and organic ingredients include nutrients such as ginkgo biloba leaf for hair growth, minerals, and herbs that nurture the scalp and hair by balancing moisture and strengthening hair.

These natural chemicals will help your hair recover from the damage it has sustained and transform your hair. Here are some of its benefits:

    • It washes off excess sebum.
    • It actively increases the shine in your locks.
    • It keeps your hair soft and silky all day long.
    • It prevents dandruff and further hair problems.
    • It rejuvenates the smooth, silky texture of hair.

Here's a Product review:

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A healthy scalp has a pink tone, is well moisturized, smooth, and free of flakes and redness. If you have an unhealthy scalp, you may recover it by washing it with sulfate and paraben-free products and applying a natural dry scalp treatment like Mayraki Proactive Hair Repairing Treatment.


There is a lot of research about ginkgo biloba leaf for hair growth. Using ginkgo biloba in your hair by getting a product that contains this ingredient is the most convenient and effective way to use ginkgo biloba. Do you have a hard time finding this ingredient in hair products? Worry no more! Mayraki hair products provide all-natural and vegan products for all your hair needs. Shop now!

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