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9 Ways to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair Forever

Aug 22, 2022 | By Maria Eliza Pineda

9 Ways to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair Forever

Everyone has or has had frizzy hair at several points in their lives. It’s just something that comes with having hair! Some are blessed with naturally shiny and sleek locks but I guarantee you that even they have had to deal with bad frizzy hair days at some point. So, first and foremost, cheer up! Frizzy hair is completely normal. We all have to deal with it and nobody’s hair looks gorgeous 24/7 so don’t fret too much.

Frizzy hair is often a side effect of external factors that affect the texture of the hair. But guess what? These can be remedied pretty easily. So, is there a way to get rid of frizzy hair forever? Well, not necessarily forever. But I have a few tips and tricks for you that will ensure you have good hair days and minimal frizz 99% of the time.

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Prevent Friction

Friction is one of the most notorious causes of frizzy hair that many people don’t even know about. This is also a damaging factor that all of us experience every day along with sun damage, pollution, and breakage. Most people don’t realize that the most common practices can cause friction and damage the hair. Not to mention, it makes the hair majorly frizzy.

So, what causes friction? If you rub anything on your hair, that pretty much does it. A massive amount of friction occurs when you towel dry hair with a terry cloth towel because of the rubbing motion and the rough fabric. Sleeping on cotton pillows and moving your head around while laying down also does it. Wearing hats, especially wool hats, will also cause some friction.

Prevent having too much friction on your hair by drying it with a microfiber hair wrap. Remember, only squeeze dry and don’t rub! The microfiber will absorb the water more effectively without damaging the hair. Invest in some silk pillows to protect your hair from rubbing against rough cotton. You can also opt for a silk hair wrap to sleep in. Finally, choose hats that have a softer material and avoid pulling it off and on too much.

Reduce Heat Damage

This one might be obvious but damage definitely makes your hair frizzy. That means, if you want to wear your hair naturally without any frizz, you have to cut the regular heat damage from styling tools and hot showers. If you style your hair daily with heat tools, there’s definitely going to be an adjustment period where your hair will look frizzy and not as polished as when you style it. It’s going to have to recover from all that heat damage. But once it does, you’ll definitely be glad that you gave your hair a little break.

You don’t have to give up heat styling completely if you don’t want to, but try going longer between using hot tools to style your hair. Instead, use some no-heat methods that still set and style your hair and give you that more polished look. When you’re showering and washing your hair, make sure to turn the temperature down to prevent the hot water from damaging your hair and drying it out.

Wet Brushing Only

Several types of hair can become super frizzy when brushed while dry. If you find that your hair gets frizzy easily, try only brushing or detangling it when it is wet. This will cause your hair to retain its structure and form neat “clumps” that are detangled but not poofy and extremely voluminous. This especially goes for those with wavy and curly hair. Never ever brush your hair while dry if you are planning to wear your hair natural as it will definitely get some major frizz.

Oils and Gels Are Your Besties

Frizz is completely normal and practically everyone experiences it! That’s why we also need a little help from products that will reduce frizziness when wearing our hair naturally. Oils and gels will be your best friends. Applying a small amount of oil will add some moisture, shine, and sleekness to your hair while taming down the frizz. Adding a lightweight gel will also flatten those flyaways and set your hair in the style that you desire.

Moisturize and Hydrate

The main cause of frizzy hair is a lack of moisture and nourishment. To be shiny and healthy, the hair needs a good amount of moisturization and hydration both from the inside out. You can do this by using moisturizing products such as conditioners, deep conditioners, oils, leave-in conditioners, hair masks, and conditioning hair treatments. Of course, let’s also not forget that the most important place to start is on the inside as well! What you eat and put in your body also greatly affects your hair health. Increase your daily water intake (the more, the better!) and I guarantee that you will already see a massive difference in your hair even without all the topical treatments. You can also consume foods that nourish the hair such as foods high in fatty acids and protein.

Try the Curly Girl Method

There have been numerous people who are absolutely gobsmacked to find out that they actually have had curly or wavy hair their whole life! Most people tend to just brush out their hair and leave at that, thinking that their hair texture is just straight and frizzy or very slight wavy and frizzy. However, many people experience this just because they are using the wrong kind of hair care routine. If your hair is very frizzy and poofy when dry, try using the curly girl method. You might be surprised to find that your hair isn’t actually frizzy but just curly or wavy! When curls or waves are separated with normal brushing and not encouraged to form the curls (aka scrunching), the hair becomes very frizzy and wild.

Try only brushing your hair while wet and scrunching your locks from the bottom with some leave-in conditioner or oil in your hands to form your curls. After that, don’t touch it! Let it dry and see the difference.

Get Rid of Sulfates

Sulfates are a very common ingredient found in most of your typical drugstore shampoos. If you’ve never really paid much attention to the ingredients in your shampoos and your hair keeps getting frizzy, sulfates might be the reason for this. Sulfates are basically a very harsh detergent that’s used to clean your scalp and hair thoroughly. However, it also strips them of their essential natural oils and moisture. This causes quite a lot of damage in the long run especially if you use sulfates regularly. Your hair will dry out, become chemically imbalanced, and your hair will lose its natural luster and become frizzy.

Sulfate-free shampoos are pretty widespread nowadays because of the recent awareness of the harm sulfates cause. Switching to a sulfate-free shampoo will allow your hair to rebalance itself and gain back those natural oils that keep your locks from getting dry and frizzy.

Cold Water Rinse

We’ve already talked about the damage that a hot water shower can cause to your hair. But did you know that you can actually increase shine and tame frizz with cold water? A cold water rinse is typically used by professional stylists when washing your hair because it locks in moisture and prevents frizz. When you shower, try having one last cold rinse for your hair to set it.

Cool and Diffused

Air-drying your hair can take a long while and let’s be real, ain’t nobody got time for that. Sure, if you’re just chilling around the house with nothing to do, it’s the best way to dry hair. But if you need to get to class, work, or just do something else with your time, a hairdryer will be the most convenient way to dry your hair. If you don’t plan on heat styling your hair completely and cutting back on the damage, the best way to do this is to keep your hair dryer cool and have the diffuser attachment on. The cool setting will prevent heat damage and the diffuser will keep the air gentle. Both of which will stop your hair from becoming frizzy.